Avoid these foods while travelling
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Avoid these foods while travelling

Highly processed food can cause stomach trouble on your journey

Avoid these foods while travelling

Summertime is here and many of us will now start planning a vacation. Traveling in summer will certainly refreshen our senses and help us create some great memories. One can choose the mountains to beat the heat or get a taste of heritage in historical cities.

Planning a trip involves many important decisions from the place of stay to the mode of transport. Whether it's a road trip, train journey, or flight, we need to look after our health and diet too. Eating mindlessly on the journey can make you sick and ruin your vacation.

Avoid processed food

Processed food includes canned or frozen food which may contain preservatives. Although, it comes as an easy option on journeys as they are ready to eat, these have a high content of sugar and calories. Highly processed food can cause stomach trouble on your journey.


Fruits such as berries although tasty, are not advisable for your journeys as they do not have any protective skin over them. Avoid consuming them after buying from local vendors, and they may have been exposed to insect carrying vectors and atmospheric dust.

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Meat and seafood

While travelling we should avoid raw meat and seafood as they are quite heavy and can't be digested easily. Moreover, you cannot take a walk or move much. It can make you uncomfortable by causing indigestion and other stomach related problems.

Dairy Products

Most Indian sweets are made of dairy products and we don't miss a single chance to taste them. But it is better to avoid them while travelling. We don't know which kind of milk is chosen in the making, sometimes they use another thing in the name of a dairy product and even use the milk of those cattle which contain several diseases.

Frozen Foods

Frozen food is considered a good option while travelling. We don't have to cook them. However, they may contain bacteria which we never imagined and we may all fall sick. Dethawing canned or frozen food may also result in the contamination of bacteria.

Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables when cut can be quickly infested or become dry. Vegetable sandwiches or salads if taken on a journey should be consumed soon. Purchasing fruits and vegetables that have already been pre-cut in the supermarket means that preparers have already cleaned the fruit with local water, which may be unsafe to consume.

What to Consume: During journeys, low oil and fresh whole wheat products are the best options. You can choose whole wheat sandwiches and fruits. This will keep you fresh throughout the journey. Apart from this, drink ample water to stay hydrated.