Top 9 places for adventure sports in India
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Top 9 places for adventure sports in India

White river rafting in Rishikesh can be the ultimate experience for you.

Top 9 places for adventure sports in India

Paragliding in the Himalayas, or rafting in fast flowing rivers, India gives us ample locations for experiencing an adrenaline rush. People who love travelling are keen on finding new adventures. Mostly the best adventures make for our best stories.

In every corner of India, you will find a unique location for adventure sports. Here are some adventure sports locations that you must visit at least once-

White River Rafting- Rishikesh

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Rishikesh is a beautiful city in Uttarakhand and it's a top pick for those who love to explore nature. People come here across the world and spend their quality time. River rafting is the best pick to do with friends or whether it is with strangers and can be the ultimate experience on the riverbank of Ganga.

Scuba Diving- Malvan


Malvan is quite an exotic place in Maharashtra. People who have a love of deep water can prefer this place for Scuba diving. You will be grateful once you do that and will wonder under the water and life.
Water adventure sports are considered one of the best romantic places.

Wildlife Safari- Gir National Park


Gir National park is a wonderful wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat. An adventurous trip without going on a safari is incomplete. Here you can see royal lions and this forest is unique for many mammals, reptiles, birds and specific insects along with a different variety of flora.

Camel safari- Jaisalmer


Adventure in the Thar desert in Rajasthan will ever lie in your heart. It can be one of the best and the golden memory. Riding on the sweetest creature of the deserts will give you a royal feel. You can enjoy folk dances, their traditional cuisine and camping in between the deserts. This can be possible in Pushkar and Bikaner.

Cycling- Munnar


Munnar is a beautiful green town in Kerala and even Kerala is famous for its calm environment and eco-friendly nature. Cycling has helped to cover the long-distance in less time and you can get a chance to travel to the hill station by cycle. You can enjoy the view of the mountains and feel the fresh wind over there and can walk through the Shole forest, tea garden and the cardamom plantation and the fragrance makes you a fan of it. You feel like it is a set of any Bollywood movie.

Kayaking- Aguada


Aguada is the place which is in Goa and it is one of the finest adventurous destinations. Aguada is the mangrove river which is a calming place and best for kayaking. The experience which you have is worth the time and your experience of the wanderlust and the adventure of the forest is like what we have seen in Hollywood movies. Kayak means flowing on the water. In this, you have to sit on the paddler and moveon the water and it is a solo ride.

Hot air balloon - Jaipur


When we heard about Jaipur only one thing which came to our mind was the royal palace and the glorious Rajputana history. Maybe some of us know it as Pink city and maybe you think it is not an adventurous place but
here you can take a ride in a hot air balloon and have an amazing view of the beautiful places.

Skiing - Gulmarg


Gulmarg is a place that is covered with a white sheet of snow and that makes it beautiful and located in the heaven of India. It is like you are riding on a slide and all the slopes are covered in snow. If you like skiing or want to experience it then you should go for it, they provide all the equipment for you and beginners can also enjoy it without any worry.

Chadar Trek- Ladakh


This place is known for its amazing trekking. You will experience the thriller trekking on the frozen Zanskar river. Already this place is known for its adventure sports and bike riding in the valley. In winter the temperature falls to the minus and that makes trekking special. During that period, the river is like a beautiful shiny sheet of ice. People who love winter and want to experience thrillers should prefer this place.