Decorate your window with these flowers
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Decorate your window with these flowers

Orchids are a delicate plant and they don't require much sunlight.

Decorate your window with these flowers

Decorating your window with flowers is a timeless trend which encourages you to open the window and let in the fresh air. For people who love to place plants in their home, window gardening can be the best option to make your home more lively. Window decor not only includes placing the plants on the window but also hanging them in planters or keeping them on the floor around the window.

These plants can be the best pick to fill the blank space on the window:


Orchids are a delicate plant and they don't require much sunlight. 4-5 hours per day of sunlight exposure is enough for them. There are so many varieties of these pants that it may get difficult to choose from. Choose what suits best to you.

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African Violet

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African violet is present in hundreds of variations. They can bloom in almost every season and don't require a lot of maintenance. Always keep in mind to not over-water them and don't expose them to sunlight for too long.


Begonia is a plant which is available in more than 100 varieties. The best part of placing this plant is that you can place it inside or outside the window sill as it requires just enough sunlight for the blooming of its flower.

Peace Lily

This flower is best for the indoors as it can purify the air and can survive any kind of light exposure. Peace lily is also known as a closet plant and doesn't require much care. The flowers of this plant are unique. This beautiful white leaf does not need frequent fertilizing. However, it can be toxic for your pet and thus, keep the plant away from them.

Daisy Flower

You can plant this beautiful flower in winter or in summer and best place for them is on the outer window sill. There are so many varieties of the flower beyond the classic white bloom. This plant requires just enough light and not require much water in winters.

Christmas Cactus

This plant will look cute on your window sill and is available in several colours. It requires a good amount of light and does not require much water.

Crown of Thorns

Crown of thorns can be a great pick to place on your outer window sill as this plant has high heat tolerance. It has thick leaves and it can store water in the stem, it does not dry out easily and it can bloom throughout the year without much care.