Yoga classes for COVID patients a success, claims Delhi Government
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Yoga classes for COVID patients a success, claims Delhi Government

92.3% of patients experience overall improvement immediately

Yoga classes for COVID patients a success, claims Delhi Government

The Kejriwal Government’s customized yoga classes for COVID patients in home isolation turns out to be a major support for them in boosting their immunity and recovering from the said disease. According to the latest impact study conducted by Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research  University (DPSRU) 92.3% of patients who attended these yoga classes said that there was an improvement in overall symptoms of COVID immediately. 88.9% of patients said that there was an improvement in breathlessness after they started attending Delhi Government’s yoga classes.

Responding to the effective results of free online yoga classes, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, “The findings of the impact study on COVID patients show that people have accepted our initiative to make yoga a part of everyday life wholeheartedly. During COVID, patients needed a healing touch to recover fast physically as well as psychologically. Most of the patients were suffering from a feeling of loneliness during isolation and our yoga instructors became their companions during that time.”

Manish Sisodia added that providing customized yoga classes to COVID patients was an extended component of the Kejriwal Government’s initiative “Dilli Ki Yogshala” and more than 4600 patients received the benefit of this.

Vice-Chancellor, DPSRU, Ramesh K Goyal said that patients got relief from COVID symptoms like cough, cold, breathlessness, etc within 5-7 days of attending the classes.

Major findings of the DPSRU Study

  • Most of the patients involved in the research were between 30 and 70 years old.
  • 92.3% of patients showed improvement in overall symptoms
  • Only 21% of patients were taking drugs for COVID during this period
  • Majority of patients showed improvements within 5 to 7 days.
  • Most of the patients admitted that they did not face the problem of breathlessness due to yoga during the infection.
  • Most of the infected admitted that by doing yoga, they got relief from symptoms like cough, cold, body ache, sleeplessness, breathlessness, etc.
  • Customised online yoga classes worked to eliminate the feeling of loneliness as well as improve mental health.

What Beneficiaries say

“I attended online classes while I was infected. I had a tremendous experience during these classes. The yoga instructor not only assisted me in doing yoga but also checked my sleeping patterns and advised me on that. I had an issue with hypertension which was also taken care of by my instructor. Now doing yoga has become my routine.”

Narayan Kinarkar, 57 years, Mahipalpur says “I realised the importance of yoga only after getting infected from COVID. I felt more energised than before after attending these classes. When I was infected, I used to have trouble breathing, but practicing yoga regularly gave me relief.”

Mukesh Sharma, 32 years, Sultanpuri says “Yoga classes provided by Delhi Government during COVID had a really positive effect on my mental health as recovering in home isolation. I looked forward to the interaction that happened in the Yoga class as it broke the monotony of my routine and also gave me the strength to go through this period”

Rajesh Kumar, 40 years, says, "Notably, apart from this, currently, over 16,000 people are attending 465 camps of Dilli Ki Yogshala across the city".