Delhi Govt to implement new 'Food Truck Policy' to boost nightlife
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Delhi Govt to implement new 'Food Truck Policy' to boost nightlife

The agencies have been instructed to identify places where food truck markets can be established

Delhi Govt to implement new 'Food Truck Policy' to boost nightlife

Delhi: Food Industry is an intrinsic part of the capital city and to give it a boost, the Delhi Government has come up with a 'Food Truck Policy'. The culture of food trucks serving people till late at night is to be welcomed and encouraged in the city. Along with the food industry, it will also give a boost to the economy of the city.

Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister has said, "We are focusing on generating business by redeveloping existing markets, food hubs, creating food truck markets, and many more. Idea is to provide a new experience to people of Delhi as well as to those visiting from outside."

Under the first phase of the policy, the agencies have been instructed to identify places in Delhi where food truck markets can be established. In western countries like Canada and the US, this culture is a crucial part of the lifestyle. The food truck markets in Delhi will be developed on similar lines to make the nightlife of the capital more vibrant and lively. Along with it, the new policy also targets at creating new job opportunities in the city.

Although the food trucks are not a new concept in India, there was no effort to streamline the industry. This is the first time a government has made a Food Truck Policy to give a boost to the food industry and to the nightlife economy.

We talked to Harsh, owner of Cosmic Foodtruck in Dwarka to understand how the new policy will directly affect the food truck owners. He says, "This is certainly a welcoming step, especially after two years of Corona which practically killed the food industry. If they make designated spaces for food trucks, I'd be happy to move my business to that place."

While talking about what it takes to establish a food truck business right now, he says, "We have to go to different departments to get licenses for everything. It is a very long and tiresome process. It'd be great if there could be a one-stop solution to get all the necessary licenses. Apart from that, the administration like MCD and the police trouble us when it comes to parking our food truck. If we get designated places to set up our business, it'd be great for us. There is a dire need for a policy to streamline the food industry. I hope the government delivers what it promises this time."

However, not everyone is too excited about it. While talking to a restaurant owner Ram Sharma of Dwarka about what he thinks about the policy, he said, "This won't affect or help my business in any way. If they approach us with setting up a food truck, I probably won't do it because you have to buy a food truck first which is again a whole process".