Delhi: Nurses recount working during the Covid pandemic
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Delhi: Nurses recount working during the Covid pandemic

"Only we know how we fought to save the life of every single patient," says a nurse from Delhi

Delhi: Nurses recount working during the Covid pandemic

A popular saying reads, 'Doctors are the god on earth', but nurses are the angels who help doctors fulfil their duties and treat patients like their own family. We often talk about the contribution of doctors but forget the selfless role of nurses and other healthcare providers.

During the Pandemic, when numerous Covid patients were in isolation and could not meet their families, nurses along with doctors came to the fore and helped save humanity. Nurses and doctors performed their duty with complete dedication risking their own lives and without thinking about their families.

This Nurses Day, CitySpidey decided to highlight the strength and resilience of nurses. We talked to nurses from Delhi to learn more about their roles, experience and why they choose this field.

Preet Kakkar (35), working as a nurse in Divya Prastha Hospital, Palam says, "I choose this career because my father inspired me to help others. I don't want to remember that time because I lost my father because of a heart attack. I didn't even get a chance to meet him for the last time because I was here in the hospital performing my duty and taking care of people. I talked to him on a video call and he said 'People need you and I'm proud of you that you are my daughter'. The next day my brother called me in the afternoon and told me that he is no more but I couldn't go home because of my responsibilities. I gave my 100% to save people's lives because I don't want that any family to undergo the loss of losing a parent."

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Shallu Kataria (26), working as a nurse in Ayushman hospital, Dwarka says, "I choose this career because I always wanted to help people as a social worker or as a nurse. So, by the grace of God, I became a nurse. I joined in 2019 after completing my training. At that time, little did I know that I would be fighting a medical battle in 2020."

She continues, "The time when Covid infections were at their peak were among the most challenging and harsh experiences of my life. The fear and the constant sight of losing lives despite giving everything still gives me goosebumps. I and my colleages left no stones unturned to save as many lives as we could. My family asked me to leave the job as it was unsafe but I refused because I had always wanted to help people. I didn't go home for months because I couldn't risk their lives."

Shweta Kaushal (42), working as a staff nurse in LNJP hospital says "Those were the darkest days of my life and a very difficult phase for the whole world. Some people were questioning doctors and frontline workers and said that we are not taking proper care of the patients. But only we know how we fought to save the life of every single patient."

She continues, "It is very difficult to wear PPE kits and three masks and perform your duties when you are under so much stress and feeling unwell too. There is no story behind choosing this career, I thought it was a good career option that is why I pursued this but today I can proudly say that I am a nurse and a Covid warrior who fought a battle to save people."

Vinay Gaur (25), a GNM student and resident of Dwarka sector-5, says " I always wanted to be a gym trainer. I did that for one and a half years but when I saw my sister fighting as a Covid warrior, I felt that this is the field I want and thus I'm pursuing this career. After a few months of starting studying at GNM, the second wave of Covid came and we all went to the hospital for our training and internships. I can't tell you how difficult it was to perform our duties, console patients and save lives. It was a desperate time."

He further added "I still remember that one song which I think almost every covid warrior and doctor sang for the patients to change the vibe 'Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega'. I salute all the families, doctors, and nurses who together fight with virus and pray for all the souls who left us."

CitySpidey also talked to some doctors to know about their experiences and how the nurse became their support system in those difficult days.

Dr Karambir Rana (48), MBBS, Dwarka Sector-23, says " I'm on a list of those lucky doctors who didn't catch the virus not even once, and I was continuously serving people. The time saw many sleepless nights, Covid literally broke the backbone of the whole world. Nurses, oxygen suppliers, and other staff members of every hospital fought every second to save lives. Doctors cannot do anything without them."

Dr Madhu (38), Gynecologist, Bindapur, says "The pandemic was difficult for everyone. We, as gynacs, were fighting for two lives together- of the mother and the unborn child. I never refused to treat a Covid positive mother I treated them because if I said no, who would have saved them. I also tested positive and my nurses and staff helped take care of patients in my absence. My entire team of nurses and other staff stood by me during this time."