World Baking Day: Meet the baking queens of Dwarka
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World Baking Day: Meet the baking queens of Dwarka

Many homemakers who dedicated their time to family are starting homegrown ventures.

World Baking Day: Meet the baking queens of Dwarka

With the steady growth of the startup ecosystem, many Indian women have pursued their entrepreneurial dream and succeeded in their businesses. Many homemakers who dedicated their time to family are starting homegrown ventures.

Starting something from scratch has never been easy; it takes a lot of hard work and courage. Here in this story, we will introduce you to some superwomen of Dwarka whose ventures in baking have taken new heights.

Who says mothers-in-law are not supportive? For Puja Pillai, a teacher who aspired to be a baker, the primary motivator was her mother-in-law.

While working at a school in Jaipur, one of her colleagues brought in a cake that she had baked on her own. She found it impressive and had the urge to try her hands-on baking. Soon she started baking cakes for her home celebrations.

Puja Pillai, 46, says, "When I shifted to Delhi, my mother-in-law thought that the quality of my cakes could be a great hit among people. She encouraged me to start a business in baking and introduced me to her network of friends." This was the beginning of Puja's home Bakes.

Inspired by the great response, she added more items to her menu including different kinds of bread, sourdough bread, croissants, cakes for occasions, tea cakes, plum cakes and cheesecakes. She is registered with FSSAI. Puja guarantees that all her goods are top-notch with no quality compromised. "I owe my success to my mother-in-law, husband and my father who encouraged and supported me to follow my passion," Puja adds.

Sharmila Sen Gupta, 52, was always intrigued by the smell of freshly baked cakes, bread, and cookies, and observed her mother while she baked since childhood. For her, baking is an art and her only passion. Now, she has a homerun business under the name Cookery Expressions.

You will be surprised to know that she had only attended baking classes and has learned all the nuances of fine baking from her mom. She later brought in her creativity by mixing and matching her own spices creating unique recipes.

Before she started her business, Sharmila was a homemaker and dedicated her life to her family, but when her son turned 12-13, she had time. She realized that now she could start her business while taking care of her family. After this, she started her journey of being an entrepreneur.

Sharmila has also been giving baking classes since 1999. Her baking classes are solely for ladies who want to start their own business and be on their own.

"The courses offered by me are completely professional. I give hands-on training. Many ladies have started supplying cakes from their own homes or started their own bakeries. Most of the ladies whom I teach are ones who have taken a sabbatical from work to look after their kids." she says.

"As you know, after marriage and kids, the priority of a lady changes. She looks for opportunities where she can manage a family while also engaging herself in a meaningful pursuit. My message to all women would be to believe in your dreams and work consistently towards yur goals."

Sharmila wishes to start her own Baking Institute in future.

Women like Puja and Sharmila are examples of women empowerment and inspire many women who want to start their own businesses.

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