5 Myths and Facts about Menstruation
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5 Myths and Facts about Menstruation

Women are told what to eat, and how to sleep, walk, and live during their menstrual cycle.

5 Myths and Facts about Menstruation

Although menstruation is a natural process of a woman's body preparing for a possible pregnancy, there are several unnatural myths attached to it. In cities, big and small, there are taboos associated with menstruation that only create more problems for women.

Normally, girls menstruate once a month. Female hormones encourage the uterine lining, also known as the endometrium to form and release an egg. When the egg is not fertilized, the uterine lining breaks down and is shed. This causes menstrual bleeding.

In conservative and unscientific societies, women are told what to eat, and how to sleep, walk, and live during their menstrual cycle. Moreover, women are made to feel conscious in talking about menstruation because of the widespread social stigma.

This Menstrual Hygiene Day, we decided to bust 5 myths around menstruation.

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1 Myth: A woman is impure during her menstrual cycle. Thus, cannot enter the kitchen and religious places.

Fact: Period blood is considered dirty or impure. However, most people fail to realize that menstrual blood is a natural element of the female reproductive system, and it circulates through the body just like other blood. Women shed blood and tissue from inside the uterus during their period, and the colour range can range from light red to dark brown. In addition, the clumping and colour of period blood also have their scientific explanations.

2 Myth: Women should not wash their hair during Periods

Fact: There is no connection between periods and washing hair. Scientifically, your body is releasing heat during menstruation. So, lukewarm water would be advisable for hair washing. You should not hamper your basic hygiene simply because you are on your period. In fact, a warm bath can soothe painful cramps.

3 Myth: Missing periods does not always mean that you're pregnant

Fact: Many times, women and girls can miss or have irregular periods without being pregnant. This can be due to disorders such as PCOD and PCOS. In such cases, consultation with a certified gynaecologist is necessary. Moreover, hormonal imbalance and stress can also lead to missed or irregular periods.

4 Myth: You cannot do any physical activity during periods

Fact: Many health websites suggest that light exercise and yoga can reduce bloating, calm your mind and reduce cramps. Certain yoga positions may help ease cramps and help to maintain a sound body. Walking is considered the zero budget and less worry exercise. You can talk to a fitness expert for specifics.

5 Myth: You should be discreet about your periods

Fact: Just like menstruation is natural, there is nothing unnatural about talking about it. An increased dialogue will help create more awareness around menstrual hygiene. Men and women must rise above these stigmas to create an atmosphere where women can freely voice their issues and buy tampons and sanitary napkins without any shame.
CitySpidey wishes all readers Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day.