Seven must have chocolate ice creams to try this Summer
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Seven must have chocolate ice creams to try this Summer

Among all flavours of ice cream, chocolate has a separate fan base

Seven must have chocolate ice creams to try this Summer

From childhood to adulthood, ice cream can make even a gloomy day more cheerful. Binging on your favourite can have many excuses. While it's a happy dessert to some, some use it to deal with their blues. Ice cream in Delhi is always a hit. At midnight, eating ice cream with your buddy gang and family at India Gate is a favourite pastime for many Delhiites.

Among all flavours of ice cream, chocolate has a separate fan base. Gone are the when the only option was basic chocolate, we have arrived in an age of coffee chocolate, oreo, Belgian and dark chocolates.

This, National chocolate ice cream day, we have compiled a list of must-have chocolate ice creams you must try this Summer

Belgium chocolate waffle sundae

This is heaven for all the chocolate ice cream. Waffles, chocolate, and ice cream are what else anyone wants. Crunchy waffle and chocolate ice cream on the top, you can have it whenever you crave something sweet and cool or you can order it whenever you are planning a get-together at home.

Chocochip ice cream

Chocochip ice cream is not only a love of kids but everyone loves it. Eating chocolate ice cream loaded with small chunks of choco chips with every bite is something that people of every age love.

Jaya Thapa a student of LLB, who lives in Dwarka sector-8, says “This is my favourite chocolate ice cream and also I love chocolate chops cake too. I can never say no to this ice cream. In summers most of my pocket money is spent on having this amazing scoop of happiness.”

Chocolate Truffle

We all love choco truffle cake, but the ice cream is equally good. If you are looking for a rich chocolate blast, do try this. This is a delight for every ice cream lover.

Belgian Chocolate

The mouthwatering chocolate flavour is created by lots of cocoa butter. This flavour is the favourite flavour of every chocolate ice cream lover. This delicious dark chocolate makes it a perfect dessert you can have after your meal or whenever you crave ice cream.

Chocolate Bars

This is the most common yet loved ice cream, starting from 10 rs to so on, making it the most affordable ice cream flavour you can it. The bar comes with either a vanilla or a butterscotch base, layered with chocolate syrup. Also, some ice cream parlours, allow you to add a topping of your choice.

Double Chocolate

The name says it all, what is best than eating double chocolate ice cream. It is a heaven for all the chocolate and chocolate ice cream lovers. The base of this ice cream is frozen chocolate dipped in chocolate syrup. Also, you can try double chocolate nuts ice cream as well if you want a little crunch while having a scoop of it.

Chocolate cornetto

Eating chocolate ice cream with crunchy corn is the perfect sweet indulgence. Chocolate cornetto offers you various flavours such as coffee chocolate ice cream cornetto, Nuts chocolate cornetto, Vanilla with chocolate corn, and many more.

Chanchal Sharma, a resident of Dwarka sector-8, says “This is the regular ice cream which I eat almost 4-5 times a week in summer and sometimes in winter too. Easy to carry, you can walk and enjoy this ice cream without worrying about melting. This ice cream is my favourite, it's just yummy.”