Delhi Metro bats for cricket fans, extends timings for T20 Ind vs SA
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Delhi Metro bats for cricket fans, extends timings for T20 Ind vs SA

Here is the list of revised timings for June 9 on all stations

Delhi Metro bats for cricket fans, extends timings for T20 Ind vs SA

To facilitate the spectators during the T-20 Cricket match between India and South Africa scheduled on June 9, 2022 (Thursday) at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Ferozshah Kotla Ground, the Delhi Metro has made minor changes in its last train timings on all Lines (except Airport Express Line). The stadium is adjacent to Delhi Gate/ITO Metro stations on the Violet Line i.e.Kashmere Gate to Raja Nahar Singh corridor (Violet Line).

In anticipation of the sudden rush expected at these nearby Metro stations after the match is over, the Delhi Metro will be performing extra train trips (around 48) by extending its last train timings by about 30-45 minutes on all Lines. This will enable spectators to reach their destinations smoothly by using the Metro.

A brief schedule for last metro train timings from terminal stations is as follows:

Revised Train Timings

Red Line (L-1)

Rithala-Shaheed Sthal New Bus Adda

New Bus Adda – 11 PM

Rithala – 11 PM

New Bus Adda –11.50 PM

Rithala – 00:00 (Midnight)

Yellow Line (L-2) Samaypur Badli-HUDA City Centre

Samaypur Badli – 11 PM

HUDA City Centre – 11 PM

Samaypur Badli – 11.50 PM

HUDA City Centre – 11.20 PM

Blue Line (L-3/4) Dwarka Sec-21-NOIDA Electronic City/Vaishali

NOIDA Electronic City – 10.52 PM

Vaishali – 11 PM

Dwarka Sec-21 (towards NOIDA)- 10.32 PM

Dwarka Sec-21 (Towards Vaishali) – 10.50 PM

NOIDA Electronic City – 11.25 PM

Vaishali – 11.30 PM

Dwarka Sec-21 (towards NOIDA)- 11.10 PM

Dwarka Sec-21 (Towards Vaishali) – 11.20 PM

Green Line (L-5) Inderlok/Kirtinagar-Brig.Hoshiar Singh

Kirtinagar - 11 PM

Inderlok – 11 PM

Brig. Hoshiar Singh (for Inderlok) – 10.40 PM

Brig. Hoshiar Singh (For Kirtinagar) – 10.46 PM

Kirtinagar – 12.30 AM

Inderlok – 12.20 AM

Brig. Hoshiar Singh (for Inderlok) – 11.30 PM

Brig. Hoshiar Singh (For Kirtinagar) – 11.35 PM

Violet Line (L-6) Kashmere Gate – Raja Nahar Singh

Kashmere Gate – 11 PM

Raja Nahar Singh – 10.36 PM

Kashmere Gate – 00.00 (Midnight)

Raja Nahar Singh – 10.55 PM

Pink Line (L-7)

Majlis Park-Shiv Vihar

Majlis Park – 11 PM

Shiv Vihar – 11 PM

Majlis Park – 11.40 PM

Shiv Vihar – 11.40 PM

Magenta Line (L-8) Janakpuri (W) – Botanical Garden

Janakpuri (W) – 11 PM

Botanical Garden – 11 PM

Janakpuri (W) – 12.40 AM

Botanical Garden– 12.30 AM

Grey Line (L-9)

Dwarka to Dhansa Bus Stand

Dwarka – 11 PM

Dhansa Bus Stand – 11 PM

Dwarka – 1 AM

Dhansa BusStand– 12.45 AM