Ghaziabad: Lalman's lassi and a 47 year old legacy
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Ghaziabad: Lalman's lassi and a 47 year old legacy

On a good business day, 800 to 1000 kulhads are used daily

Ghaziabad: Lalman's lassi and a 47 year old legacy

When the summer heat takes the better of you, a chilled glass of lassi can soothe your nerves. The goodness of this Indian drink has long been experienced during the summer. Here, in Ghaziabad, lassi has its own destination. If you ask any resident about the best lassi in town, all would suggest Laman lassi in Nuvyug market. This 47-year-old place has preserved its taste over the years becoming a local favourite.

In 1975, Lalman started a small lassi shop with sweet and salty lassi. At the time, he knew little that his shop would win the hearts of many. Many years from there, his son now runs the place.

Right when you enter, you will be surprised to see more than 200 clay pots in which they make curd. Lalman uses the traditional way to make curd, which according to him, adds a natural flavour to it. Moreover, you see the small counter where the owners sit and the rest of the space is used for lassi making. A full glass of sweet or salted can be enjoyed for Rs 30 and Rs 50 with cream.

One of the USPs is the use of earthen cups or kulhads while serving. Many agree that the kulhad adds a natural coolness and taste to Lalman's lassi making it the best place to enjoy it. According to the owners, on a good business day, 800 to 1000 kulhads are used daily.

Being located near the Ghaziabad bus stand, many passengers make sure to have a taste of this famous lassi. Apart from this, town dwellers, students, workers and employees during lunch breaks are the regular crowd.

Lalman Singh sources the milk for preparing lassi from their own dairy. According to them, around 18 to 20 tonnes of milk are used daily for making fresh curd. Apart from lassi, they sell desi ghee, paneer, and khoya that are freshly made by them.

In the years, Lalman's lassi has made a place of its own. A dedicated fan base visits this shop not just to enjoy lassi, but also to bring back memories. A customer waiting for his lassi at Lalman's while sharing his experience with CitySpidey says, "I have been coming here for years. For me, it is the best time of the day. I think whoever has not tasted this lassi is missing out."

If any Delhite wants to give it a try, you need to take the red line metro to reach Shaheed Sthal station in Ghaziabad, then take an auto to reach there. A large crowd seen from the corner of the street would make you identify Lalman's lassi corner.