Aamir and Kareena on Koffee With Karan- Some sassy, some safe
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Aamir and Kareena on Koffee With Karan- Some sassy, some safe

Aamir was nastier than he has likely ever been in his three decades

Aamir and Kareena on Koffee With Karan- Some sassy, some safe

Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are all set to appear together in Laal Singh Chaddha, Bollywood's remake of Tom Hank's revered movie Forrest Gump on August 11, 2022. Before that, we saw the duo on Karan's Koffee couch. This was the first time Kareena and Aamir appeared on the Koffee couch together.

Gossip queen Kareena of course spilled a few beans. But the surprising aspect was Aamir Khan. Aamir was open, humorous, sassy, talkative, and a complete troll who never missed an opportunity to dig on KJo. It was evident by the candidness between Karan and Aamir that they share a good bond. During the episode, Karan is compelled to tell Aamir, "You have never spoken so much in your life. I can't ask any questions since you won't let me." Aamir bowled and played him the same way as Karan does with others.

Kareena carried a nice black suit with minimal makeup and effortless sass, but she kept her brightness with accessories like colourful and exciting nails. On the contrary, Aamir looked very comfy with a plain white kurta and blue denim. The fashion police, known as Karan Johar, trolled him but in a funny way.

Karan Karan Johar introduced himself as the season's host and roast. He discusses his affinity for trolls, memes, and the "Big Daddy of the Star Kids." In short, he accepted all the blames proudly. Because of all the attention people paid to Taimur Ali Khan, the newest superstar in town, KJo accuses the viewers of making the star kids famous.

With Aamir and Kareena's movie, Laal Singh Chadha, all set to release, the very first question revolved around this, how did they come up with the idea of adapting the revolutionary film that has many prestigious awards 'Forest Gump?' Aamir Khan revealed the concept of the movie came up around 14-15 years ago. He got the screenplay of the Forrest Gump remake after Jaane Tu... Ya, Jaane Na premiere night, but he did not listen to the script for 2 years because he thought, 'how can someone possibly remake such an iconic film?'  Aamir also revealed that it took 8-9 years to get the film's rights. But the moment he listened to the screenplay, he fell in love.

After all the chits from Laal Singh Chaddha, how Kareena was cast for it, and why she hasn't seen the movie, it exposed us to an Aamir we had never seen before. We have always known Aamir as a simple and less-spoken celebrity.

Karan Johar explains to Aamir Khan why Bollywood films are failing, and movies from the South such as RRR, KGF, and Pushpa are succeeding. KJo credits Aamir for the change in tone that occurred in the business after 2001 due to films such as Dil Chahta Hai, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, and Taare Zameen Par.

Aamir Khan says how each of the films Karan highlighted had heartfelt moments that affected viewers. Aamir advises choosing a timely subject that viewers will be interested in seeing rather than making an action or crass movie. Then Karan turns to Kareena and claims that she doesn't watch her films and is unmoved by anything happening to them.

Aamir Khan, who is far away from the gleaming lights of social media, felt alienated when Karan was using Genz's terms; it was fun to watch Aamir's expression on those, making them a laughing riot.

Aamir was nastier than he has likely ever been in his three decades in the film business, from telling Karan Johar that the only thing he likes about Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is Poo's character. He does not understand the concept of loud music where nobody is dancing; nobody can talk to each other at such parties, just like Aamir told us we could only nod our heads and say 'alright' while our ear hurts.

Another fun factor that Aamir Khan never liked Karan Johar's movies, Kuch Kuch Hota hai, is an exception. Apparently, Aamir met Kareena for the first time when she was just 16 years old on the sets of Andaz Apna Apna.

Both the actors talked about spending time with your family is the utmost luxury in the world. On that note, Aamir also spoke openly about missing those special times with his family and neglecting his relationships due to his work. He talked about how he now wished he had been more present during his children's formative years.

Kareena Kapoor who is known for crushing all diplomatic efforts under her heels was noticeably safe. While Aamir was exploding with sass, Kareena Kapoor remained posed and quiet. Perhaps motherhood had changed her attitude. As viewers, we miss the candid Bebo, who had always spoken her heart out in the blink of an eye. She was either "too full of herself," as Karan put it, or she was being far too diplomatic.

Overall, we found the episode nice and balanced. We saw Aamir's new side and how Bebo has changed over time. But clearly, Karan and his show have always maintained their mischievousness on his show. Next time, there is a 'conjecture' that the dazzling Katrina might grace the episode but there is still mystery over 'with whom'.