Supertech Twin Towers demolition- done, but not dusted
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Supertech Twin Towers demolition- done, but not dusted

Area residents are left to deal with dust after the demolition

Supertech Twin Towers demolition- done, but not dusted

Supertech's illegal Twin Towers were demolished on Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 2:30 p.m. The demolition of the multi-storey building has left behind 80,000 metric tonnes of debris. A huge dust cloud was seen just after the demolition. Although the rain has cleared the outside air, area residents of nearby buildings ATS Village and Emerald Court are left to deal with dust that entered their common areas and houses.

After the demolition, more than 100 sanitation workers of the authority reached Supertech Emerald on August 29, 2022. Cleaning is underway in the common areas for the past three days. At the same time, water sprinklers were installed in the Authority's park, Green Belt and central verge for cleaning.

As gathered, the suspended dust particles are affecting people's health. The smell of explosives can be felt in the air. Children and the elderly are faced to wear masks at all times. Residents allege that the dust is making them cough and sneeze.

Atish Bagudi, a resident of Supertech Emerald Court says, "The whole house is filled with 4 inches of dust. This would take time to clean. We came back on the night of August 28 but didn't bring back our mother. She is a heart patient and cannot tolerate dust."

He continues, "I don't understand our fault. We had to go through so much inconvenience in evacuating first and now have to deal with dust. We have spent more than 10,000 bucks and still have to manage without the gas connection. We are forced to order food online. How is going to consider these unexpected expenses?

Vipul Singh, a specialist in environmental history explains that there are two kinds of dust in the air. He says, "One of these are coarse particles of dust which would have fallen on the ground immediately but the smaller dust particles will remain in the air within two to three kilometres for a few days. If the wind speed increases, then the small dust particles may remain in the air for a lesser time."

He continues, "People will need to wear masks to avoid dust from affecting their health. Small particles of cement that are not visible can harm people and could enter into their lungs which can create health problems later."

Vikrant Tongad, an environmentalist says, “This demolition created both air and land pollution. A huge balloon of dust and mountains of debris were the results of the implosion. Now there are 3000 trucks of debris lying there. Lots of steel has come out. Disposing of this debris sustainably would be a challenge."

On Monday evening, Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari along with officials visited Supertech Emerald Court and ATS Village Society.
She says, "450 tankers of water have been used so far to make Supertech Emerald and ATS Village Housing Society dust-free. The work of sanitisers, sprinklers and smog guns will continue until the dust is completely cleared. 350 tankers after the blast and 150 tankers of water have been poured into the site and surrounding areas so far.”

Along with the Noida Authority, the UP Fire Police was also seen, unanimously helping the residents in settling the dust. Post the Supertech Twin towers demolition, the UP fire police were seen splashing water from the fire brigades in front of ATS Village and Supertech Emerald, to remove the layers of dust accumulated on the trees, plants, leaves and society gates, towers, and balconies. Yogendra Chaurasiya, CFO says, "To control the dust pollution, we are cleaning with a full staff."

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Alok Singh, Commissioner of Police, Gautam Budh Nagar, reached the demolition site of the Twin Towers on August 29, 2022. He met the citizens of the society and the office bearers of AOA. The entire process of debris removal was discussed with the officers and agency.

The AOA of both societies requested one more day of cleaning to be done. On this, the CEO ordered the officials of the Public Health Department that cleaning should be done on Tuesday also.