6 K-Drama sensations from 2021-2022
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6 K-Drama sensations from 2021-2022

Son Suk Ku won many people over the globe by playing Mr Gu in 'My Liberation Notes'

6 K-Drama sensations from 2021-2022

The past year has been fantastic for K drama fans. Not only we have been blessed with some incredible K-dramas, but we've also witnessed the increasing stardom of several Korean actors. Most of these actors have been active in the business for some time, and several have already become international heartthrobs. However, this year saw a further surge in the popularity of six actors-

Lee Junho

Although Lee Junho of 2PM was at the top of all brand reputation lists long into the new year, his drama 'The Red Sleeve' didn't debut until the end of 2021. Fans hardly seemed to mind that he appeared in every advertisement in Korea. Seeing how he was portrayed as the romantic King Yi San, who had just one true love, Sung Deok Im (Lee Se Young), was beautiful. Since the final episode of the series, Lee Junho shared in an interview that he had received hundreds of screenplays and offers. He deserves his success so much.

Son Suk Ku

Son Suk Ku won many people over the globe by playing Mr Gu in 'My Liberation Notes.' Many people fell in love with his rough portrayal of an alcoholic mobster who managed to find love while escaping his difficulties. Son Suk Ku is a versatile actor who can play various roles and convey different charms and aspects, making him very adaptable. We can only hope he appears in more dramas soon.

Kim Min Kyu

Kim Min Kyu portrayed Cha Sung Hoon in the popular SBS series, 'A Business Proposal.' The webtoon adaptation of a well-known web novel serves as the basis for the series, which has been surprisingly successful for its adorably romantic central duo. The second coupling, Cha Sung Hoon and Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah), however, was what sent hearts racing. Their chemistry was incredible, and one of the best kiss scenes ever was theirs.

Kang Tae Oh

Unfortunately, the newest member on this list, Kang Tae Oh, has said goodbye to his admirers as he enlists in the military. In the popular television series, 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' Kang Tae Oh played Lee Jun Ho, a legal assistant who fell in love with an autistic lawyer named Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin). His well-known statement, "that's disappointing," continues to resound in the ears and hearts of admirers all across the world. Their love line was so endearing. Kang Tae Oh, return to us strong and healthy.

Choi Woo Shik

The first episode of 'Our Beloved Summer' aired in December 2021 and continued into 2022. Choi Woo Shik's prominence and popularity continued to soar as the series continued. It was impossible to avoid falling in love with his sweet and endearing television persona Choi Woong. He adores Guk Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi) in the most adorable way possible. Because of his dynamic representation, he gained prominence and a better reputation for his brand. Choi Woo Shik also participated in 'In the SOOP: Friendcation' as a devoted Wooga Squad member. Fans got to experience a new, but still amusing, side of Choi Woo Shik.