Bollywood films inspired by Ramayana and Mahabharat
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Bollywood films inspired by Ramayana and Mahabharat

Celebrate Dussehra by watching these Bollywood films with your kids

Bollywood films inspired by Ramayana and Mahabharat

As we step into Vijay Dashami, it is time for introspection of the good in us and letting go of the evil. And if you want to engage in some mythology, why not through a film?

In Bollywood, the mythology fantasy genre has not been extensively explored in many movies. Most producers hesitate to engage in such films because of the hefty production costs. However, the industry had seen a lot of films based on this specific genre in the 1990s. Here is a ranking of the top Hindu mythology-inspired Bollywood films. You can watch these movies on Dussehra afternoon. 

Raavan- 2010

The Ramayana is told in Abhishek Bachchan's movie from the viewpoint of Ravana, the epic's villain. In Mani Ratnam's action-adventure drama, a unique rendition of the Ramayana, he is portrayed as the main character. Sita is kidnapped by Beera, a bandit modelled after Ravana. The adaptation sure is interesting as it delves into the grey shades of all characters.

Hum Saath Saath Hain- 1999

Most Indians believe this film to be the most incredible family entertainment of all time, but in case you missed it, Ramayana is a crucial source of inspiration. It perfectly replicates the epic's plot, down to the relationship between stepbrothers and Lord Rama's banishment.

RRR- 2022

Anyone who has watched RRR cannot refuse that bits and pieces of the film and its characters reminded them of the Ramayana. From Ram Charan's portrayal resembling Lord Rama, Jr NTR's with Hanuman and Alia Bhatt playing Sita, it's clear Ramayana influences it in many ways. 

Baahubali: The Conclusion- 2017

Not only RRR, but SS Rajamouli's masterpiece Baahubali also drew significantly from the Ramayana. While the first portion alluded to the Mahabharata, the second section—which depicts Baahubali and Devseana being expelled from the Royal Palace—was inspired by the Rama narrative. Rajamouli's films are based on the Mahabharata and the Ramayana since the director previously claimed that those two epics were introduced to him as a child.


Because Adipurush is a mythological movie based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, its trailer has finally been released and generated a lot of attention.

Ram Setu

Ram Setu is another example of the several mythological movies Bollywood has recently produced that depict the tales we grew up hearing in new ways.