Netflix’s Mismatched S2 is sweet in moments, but the glitches in its code remain
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Netflix’s Mismatched S2 is sweet in moments, but the glitches in its code remain

Let us discuss the hits and misses of the show so you can decide whether to watch it or ignore

Netflix’s Mismatched S2 is sweet in moments, but the glitches in its code remain

The second season of Mismatched was released on Netflix this Friday. To be honest, the season is watchable, endearing and entertaining, but only in parts. Some of the couples make us root for them, the promising music soundtracks and the chemistry keep us watching the show. Yet, the lazy storytelling, poor dialogue and melodrama also make it a drag. Mind you, some of the subplots here are utterly frustrating.

After the first instalment of Mismatched, a few facts were universally accepted Prajakta Kohli’s acting is annoying in places and Rohit Sarraf is so cute that nothing else matters. Mismatched, a show about Gen Z students taking an app-making course in an elite Student Of The Year-like institution in Jaipur offers few nuances in its characters. The characters of this franchise include Simran, a social media influencer struggling with body issues, a middle-class nerd Dimple, and a good-looking professor Sid sir played by RannVijay among others.

Season 2 of Mismatched picks up from the annoying cliffhanger where Dimple fights with Rishi and her app AntiSosh gets leaked. The season explores the individual stories of the ensemble cast more than in season 1.

Let us discuss the hits and misses of the show so you can decide whether to watch this drama romance show on Netflix or not-

The misses-

Cliche subplots
In this series, characters only exist to make a point. It is an amalgamation of lousy proclamations shouting mental health is important, body image issues are real, queer romance needs its spotlight, and first love is special.

Prajakta’s stiff performance
A problem of the show is the main female protagonist- Dimple herself. Dimple is a tech nerd and gaming addict who is used to girl-bossing her way through situations. She is a character for whom Harsh wants to forego his admission to Berklee School of Music and Rishi is forever available on his toes. Yet, we do not understand why. Although Dimple is a good team player and friend, she has a stiff personality. She keeps getting into trouble but ‘Fight maarneki ki usse aadat hai’. (Fans of an eloquent language, must kindly skip this show altogether.)

The superfluous melodramatic family drama
The subplot of Rishi’ family was a big yawn. Thankfully it was OTT so the viewers could skip them. His father is played by Juggal Hansraj, Rishi’s younger brother Ashish who seems like an unfunny counterpart of 3 Idiot’s Chatur and his mother whose voice definitely seems like a poor dub. Similarly, the homophobic brute force of Namrata’s father as the male patriarch is fraught with melodramatic behaviour.

Now, the hits-

Dimple and Harsh
Among the hits, Dimple and Harsh’s love story seemed special making us root for them. Vihaan Samat, who was last seen in Eternally Confused and Eager for Love gives a good performance. His transformation from an ignorant NRI to a caring and loving friend was one of the good parts of the show. Although his accent, in the beginning, was a turn-off.

The music
Surprisingly, the tracks lend this otherwise imbecile drama a much-needed grace. The ghazal version of Aise Kyun by Rekha Bhardwaj is beautiful. So is Jaanu Na by Danish Sood and others. Even if you want to skip the show, everyone must check out these songs.

Vidya and Rannvijay's Chemistry
Zeenat, the eldest of the batch, is an unappreciated character in the series. Against the silly drama, she brings calm and wisdom to the screen. Yet, the writers of the show keep her safely out. Her chemistry with RannVijay was a fresh angle which must have been explored more.

Anmol’s Character Arc
Anmol, played by Taaruk Raina, who hurls abuses with every statement is forced to take anger therapy classes this season. He faces his demons this time with Dr Suri, played by Aakash Khurana. In the crowd of empty characters, he demands more attention.

Overall, Prajakta Kohli and Rohit fans can give this show a watch.