Protect your acne prone skin with these lifestyle changes
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Protect your acne prone skin with these lifestyle changes

Be more careful while you use shampoo, serums or other hair products

Protect your acne prone skin with these lifestyle changes

Clear and glowing skin is what everyone wants, but it seems like a long lost dream for the those with acne prone skin. With those constant breakouts and blemishes, it becomes really difficult to deal with acne-prone skin. Managing the clogged pores and excess oil takes a lot more effort than just keeping it clean all the time. Being acne-prone is not a serious disease but it really takes a toll on self-esteem. It demands a proper skincare routine for better results. However, apart from a skincare routine, you need to make some lifestyle changes for a clear skin. Here are some tips to avoid acne.

Quit Smoking

When you smoke, it increases the carbon monoxide in the body instead of oxygen which triggers acne. You may take good care of your skin but smoking won't give good results. You need to avoid smoking for better results.

Avoid using harsh hair products

Be more careful while you use shampoo, serums or other hair products. Avoid getting the contact of hair products with your skin. It can be harsh on your skin and trigger your acne. Cover your face or rinse it as soon as possible if it gets in contact with your face. You can also switch to skin-friendly products which won't be too harsh on your skin.

Avoid refined Sugar

Consuming refined sugar regularly may increase your blood sugar level which is not good for acne prone skin. People with acne problems must avoid refined sugar as it can act as a catalyst in the growth of acne.

Minimise exposure to pollution

Pollution doesn't only harm our bodies but also is very bad for our skin. The small particles settle on our skin and clog our pores. We cannot avoid exposure to pollution but we can surely take good precautions. You can cover your face while going out. Wash your face as soon as you are back home.

Don't be too harsh on skin

Sometimes we become too harsh with the skin while taking care of it. You may apply scrubs and rub them harshly to get rid of dead skin but it may result negatively. It may result in redness and acne. You must be soft on your skin with proper care. Use products which have no chemicals or are skin friendly.

Minimise consumption of dairy products

We find dairy products a necessity for our bodies. But dairy products stimulate oil glands in your body and set the stage for acne. One must avoid or minimise dairy products from their diet to avoid acne.

Avoid wrong cosmetics

Everyone loves applying makeup to their skin. It may hide your flaws but using the wrong make-up may result in a bad condition for acne. You should use make-up which suits your skin type. Make-up which contains less oil or non - comedogenic makeup must be preferred.