Delhi: Head to these places to have refreshing mocktails with your friends
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Delhi: Head to these places to have refreshing mocktails with your friends

We are completely enamored with the fun atmosphere at Molecule

Delhi: Head to these places to have refreshing mocktails with your friends

There's no reason to feel left out any longer if you get a little groggy seeing your friends drink delicious cocktails one after the other while having a good time. Your buddies may not share your tastes, but we genuinely do, which is why we've compiled a list of the best places which serve a tempting selection of mocktails in addition to wild cocktails-

Molecule Air Bar

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We are completely enamored with the fun atmosphere at Molecule. Additionally, their delectable menu offers savory dishes, drinks and mocktails that will undoubtedly tantalize your taste buds. You can head to this place to have a good time while sipping on refreshing mocktails.

Location-A 3, Floor 2, Green Park Main Road, Near Green Park
Price- Rs.2000 for 2

Cafe Coffee Bar

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This quirky eatery that satisfies all of your wants, from a cup of robust coffee to a cool lager, is located in Dwarka. They offer a wide variety of delicious foods and beverages, and their mocktails aren't any different. They won't let you down with punchy and energizing options including the Strawberry Fields, Mango Mule, and Wildcat Cooler.

Location- Sector 12, City Centre Mall, Dwarka
Price- Rs. 1500 for 2


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This lounge is a hot favorite among partygoers and has become city's well-loved establishment. This restaurant offers everything that would make you fall head over heels, including stylish interiors, upbeat music, and a large cuisine. Enjoy their Flamingo, Raasta Special, and Topical Green mocktails while you're here.

Location- Gurugram and Green Park
Price- Rs. 2000 for 2


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Social is all about vibrant interiors, a buzzing crowd, extensive meals, and a laid-back atmosphere. If you're a lover of mocktails, you should be trying their Sanskari Mojito and Cue The Watermelon because they're heavenly! This ultra-hip location has a certain appeal all its own. Don't forget to enjoy their delicious snacks, such as their Pakoda Party Platter, Purani Dilli Chaat Walk, and more, along with your glass of mocktail.

Location- Hauz Khas, Cyber Hub, Noida, Vasant Kunj & other outlets
Price- Rs.2200 for 2

Soi 7

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You've got to take our word for it when we say that somehow this pub and brewer will surprise you with its stylish decor, stunning furnishings, and wide selection of mouthwatering treats and beverages. If you want punchy & refreshing mocktails, you can have their Soi Punch, Thai Cooler, Mint Breezer, and Liquid Mousse. Therefore, stop by with your friends and experience the grandeur of these delicious mocktails.

Location- 205 To 209, DLF Cyber Hub, Phase II, Gurgaon
Price- Rs.2300 for 2

Mama's Buoi

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A well-known eatery called Mama's Buoi Kitchen is famous for being city's favorite playground for DU youngsters. We all adore their punchy mocktails, Citrus Punch and Melon Affaire, which are served with a glittering aesthetic, tasty treats, and delectable drinks on the menu.

Location-Hudson Lane & GK II
Price- Rs.1500 for 2


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This place, with its laid back and beautiful ambience has a top notch menu. It also has a wide variety of whizzing cocktails and mocktails. So, come here with your best friends and order one of their cool summer mocktails.

Location- H-5/1, Ambawatta One Complex, Kalkadas Marg, Mehrauli
Price- Rs. 4000 for 2