5 places in Delhi-NCR that are perfect for winter shopping
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5 places in Delhi-NCR that are perfect for winter shopping

Here is a quick guide to be Winter ready without spending much

5 places in Delhi-NCR that are perfect for winter shopping

From cosy blankets to hot food, Winter is an emotion, not a season. Regardless of everything, Dilli ki Sardi somehow brings joy to our hearts and spirits. Additionally, the winter season is a perfect season to up your fashion game.

There are always possibilities available when you live in a city like Delhi. Here is a quick guide to be Winter ready without spending much-

Coats and Jackets from Sarojini Nagar

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We all know that Sarojini Nagar is the best budget-friendly market in the city for all of your shopping needs. Even though you can get everything here, the selection of winter coats and jackets is unmatched. These essential winter goods from Sarojini are a must-have because they are available at incredibly low prices and follow many new trends.

Price range: Starting from Rs 300
Nearest Metro Station: Sarojini Nagar Metro Station

Fuzzy Socks and Sweatshirts from Atta Market

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Bundle up in those big sweatshirts and wear fuzzy socks to keep your toes warm and enjoy the winter. Therefore, make sure you visit Noida's favourite Atta Market right away to ensure you don't run out of stylish sweaters and cosy pants this season. This is one of the most famous markets in Noida and both Noida and Delhi people love this place.

Price range: Starting from Rs 500 (for sweatshirts)
Nearest Metro Station: Noida Sector 18 Metro Station

Branded Winter wear from M-Block Market

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If cost is not an issue, we advise you to head directly to Greater Kailash's, M Block market to do your winter shopping. When you're feeling low and shopping therapy makes you feel better, the area never lets you down. Coats, sweaters, jackets, tops, pants, dresses, and even winter accessories are available for purchase here.

Price range: Starting from Rs 1,500
Nearest Metro Station: Greater Kailash Metro Station

Woolen Clothing from Kamla Nagar

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We can never overlook Delhi's premier shopping place, the famous Kamla Nagar market for all tight on-budget students. This market is heaven for all young city shoppers who want to buy good stuff at affordable prices. This is your one-stop shop for all your winter clothing needs. Also, you can buy some winter accessories to complement your winter look.

Price range: Starting from Rs 500
Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station

Stoles and Shawls from Majnu-ka-Tilla

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Majnu-ka-Tilla should be your next destination if you're looking to buy Tibetan shawls, stoles, jewellery, or jackets. This market features some of the best winter accessories like stoles and shawls. Moreover, quirky sweatshirts and jumpers await your visit too.

Price range: Starting from Rs 400
Nearest Metro Station: Vidhan Sabha