Reverse your prediabetes with these eating habits!
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Reverse your prediabetes with these eating habits!

You can achieve normal blood sugar levels back by following dietary and lifestyle changes

Reverse your prediabetes with these eating habits!

Prediabetes is a medical condition where your blood sugar levels are high but not enough to be declared as diabetes. According to experts, when the blood sugar level of an individual reaches above the 8 A1C mark, they are considered to be diabetic.

Though prediabetes can be worrying, the silver lining is that it can easily be reversed. You can achieve normal blood sugar levels back by following  dietary and lifestyle changes. Some of such lifestyle changes are:

Eat right at right time: According to Ayurveda, eating the right food in the right manner at the right time matters a lot for the well being of an individual. Many studies have revealed that eating an early breakfast and a timely dinner is linked with less risk of insulin resistance. It is important to eat healthily and maintain a proper gap of time between every meal.

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Make a place for a rainbow: Colourful vegetables and fruits not only look beautiful but also benefit your health. They are enriched with lots of vitamin, antioxidants, minerals and phytochemicals which gradually helps to lower the blood sugar level and support one to reverse their pre-diabetes symptoms. Experts recommend adding a lot of fruits in your yoghurt or curd, one can also have a plate full of green saute vegetables before a meal.

Choose fibre-rich carbs: Health practitioners recommend consuming fibre rich carbs in order to maintain blood sugar levels because they provide  more energy to the body while breaking down slowly into the bloodstream. One can go for seeds, fruits and vegetables for a fibre-rich carbs diet.

Make veggies your bestie: Many experts recommend starting the day with a fresh bowl full of green veggies to reverse prediabetes. One should choose vegetables that are rich in fibre and have a low glycemic index. Vegetables in the morning also help you feel full and reduce carbohydrate cravings.

Also, one should consider consulting a doctor or any dietitian before starting any personal diet plan.

This story is a replug on the occassion of World Diabetes Day