Slay with Korean Winter fashion trends 2022-23
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Slay with Korean Winter fashion trends 2022-23

Korean chics love chunky boots, they're comfortable and stylish

Slay with Korean Winter fashion trends 2022-23

After binge-watching K-Dramas every day and on countless sleepless nights, the love for Korean food, skincare and fashion has been transported to India and is here to stay. Korean fashion is rapidly gaining popularity as Seoul has become the fashion capital in the blink of an eye.

If you want to look as same as your favourite Korean actors, here we have made a list of Korean Winter fashion trends for 2022- 23.

Pastel Colours

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Korean fashion is never the primary attraction for eye-catching colours and strong prints. Neutral, pastel tones and low saturation hues like dusty pink and pastel orange play a significant role in even the edgy street style. Koreans prefer to dress in vivid spring colours in a 'girl next door' manner rather than like a fashion diva in a faux fur coat and leather pants.

Knit Vests

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Grandpa fashion is the hottest trend this winter. Mainly knit vests never quite received the respect they deserved. But as we observe how our favourite Kpop stars and Korean actors style this snug item, we can't help but be tempted to try one for ourselves. A quality knit vest is a great layering piece, whether it is simple, plaid, or argyle.

Street Style

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In Korea, streetwear has taken off over the past several years. Thanks to several celebrities who have adopted the appearance, it is becoming common to see on the streets of Seoul. In Korea, popular streetwear styles include bucket hats, baggy jeans, and oversized shirts. Oversized clothes were once a relative niche trend, and this clothing is vastly different from what has been fashionable recently. The number of streetwear companies is growing, and the look is becoming more common on the streets.

Turtle Neck

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The turtleneck has been a popular fashion item for a very long time. It is the most typical attire worn by Koreans, which makes you look sophisticated and attractive and keeps you warm. Like Lisa, the turtleneck's snug collar shields your upper body from piercing cold wind, making it a fashionable yet functional winter essential (Blackpink).

Oversized Coats

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Oversized rules the fashion industry; most Koreans wear oversized long coats. They are the best when it comes to dressing Korean. We say they are the easiest to style and look fantastic; whether it's a fussy warm coat or a nice trench coat, layer it up with your favourite sweater or a hood with nice pair of jeans and white sneakers, and you are good to go. They provide a touch of class to any outfit, and layering always raises sophistication. A basic outfit with a combination of neutral colours and trench or even oversize coats works well.

Chunky big boots

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Korean chics love chunky boots; they're comfortable and stylish. The Korean drama we adore watching has given us some major wardrobe goals, and owning a pair of chunky boats is one of them. Koreans love to wear them since they go in so many different outfits. You can wear them this winter on the town, at work, or when shopping with friends. Try them with a dress or pair them with loose denim; these boots are the coolest winter fashion trends in 2022.

Beanies and Scarves

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Our list of Korean winter fashion trends would fall short without certain seasonal accessories. And above all, we've noticed a lot of beanies and warm scarves covering up our adored stars from the cold. A good paperboy hat or a beret might be used in their stead if beanies aren't your style. There you have it, then! This post will inspire you as you move closer to having a nice Korean style.

Baggy Jeans

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Gone are the days when skinny jeans were the thing. Nothing beats comfortable high-waisted baggy denim. Wide-legged pants might be the ideal bottom for you if you're not a massive fan of the popular mom jean either. This loose fit is available in a range of looks, some more formal and others more informal. Wide-legged pants have undoubtedly become a staple among Korean winter fashion trends, and they're not likely to lose their appeal anytime soon.