Benefits of adding jaggery(Gur) to your Winter diet
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Benefits of adding jaggery(Gur) to your Winter diet

Jaggery is renowned for being an effective cleaner

Benefits of adding jaggery(Gur) to your Winter diet

What is winter without the lingering comfort of til ke laddu, gachak, or gur ki patti? Anyone brought up in a traditional household must be aware of the above-stated condiments. These sweet snacks become readily available in general stores during the winter. We millennials swear by nostalgia while our parents and grandparents vouch for the health advantages of these mainstays. A common ingredient among these is from our childhood memories: jaggery, often known as gur.

Jaggery, which is bursting with minerals, is a bag full of goodness. Jaggery can be your rebound if you're trying to lose weight and have broken up with sugar. Jaggery can also keep you warm and aid in immunity-building if you frequently feel cold. Here are five excellent health advantages that will make your winter happy.

Jaggery helps with Asthma and chest congestion
Jaggery is renowned for being an effective cleaner. Jaggery also purifies our respiratory systems, as well as our lungs, stomach, intestines, and throat. Therefore, taking jaggery regularly can help you if pollution and dust are making you feel uneasy. Consuming jaggery at least once a day can aid in body detoxification.

Improves digestion
Jaggery is typically eaten as a dessert after meals for a reason. It helps the release of digestive enzymes and stimulates the bowels. Jaggery is also said to be excellent for those with constipation and other digestive problems. Especially in winter eating jaggery after meals will help you digest your food better and also keeps your body warm.

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Prevents Anaemia
Jaggery is rich in minerals like iron and phosphorus, which help the body produce haemoglobin and detoxify blood impurities. Consuming jaggery is a successful preventive measure for individuals with poor iron or who are at risk of developing iron-deficiency anaemia. In fact, according to the study published in Ayurpharm - International Journal of Ayurveda and Allied Sciences in 2016 points out, Ayurveda endorses the use of jaggery for therapeutic and pharmaceutical purposes.

Improves immunity and prevents winter colds and flu
Jaggery is thought to be one of the best immunity-boosting foods accessible to humankind because it is loaded with minerals and aids in body detoxification. This is also the reason why people consume more jaggery in the winter when their bodies require an extra boost in immunity to ward against illnesses like the flu and the common cold. If you want to save yourself from winter flu include jaggery in your daily diet, also if you are already suffering from a cold do eat jaggery twice thrice a day after your meals. You can also consume 'Gur ki chai' to get relief.

Aids glucose control and weight loss
White sugar is considered to raise blood glucose levels and increase the risk of weight gain. Jaggery is a sweetener that can help you better manage your weight while also lowering your blood sugar levels. Jaggery can also help you feel satisfied for a longer period, which can aid in controlling cravings when you're attempting to reduce weight.