5 reasons to choose a wooden comb over a plastic comb
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5 reasons to choose a wooden comb over a plastic comb

A wooden comb is a better option for maintaining hair health

5 reasons to choose a wooden comb over a plastic comb

Your hair is a major part of your style game. Most people are conscious enough to not use products with artificial chemicals for their hair but tend to be careless while picking a hairbrush. Because your hair is negatively charged while plastic and metal combs are positively charged, they can generate static in your hair. Here, a wooden comb is a good option and can work miracles for your hair!

Here are some benefits of using wooden combs

Promotes the development of new hair

If having long, beautiful hair is what you aspire to have, just choose a wooden comb. The scalp is massaged without being damaged in any way. Furthermore, it enhances blood circulation, which in turn, promotes the growth of longer and healthier hair.

Contains ions in the negative charge

Wood carries a negative ionic charge that matches the hairs on your head as against a plastic comb which has positive ions. It lays down the outer part of your hair–the cuticle–making the hair look and feel smoother while sealing in valuable moisture! This smooths out those annoying and bothersome extra flyaways.

Providing nourishment to the scalp and the hair

When compared to the teeth of other types of combs, the teeth on wooden combs are gentler, so they do not irritate the scalp. The usage of wooden combs regularly helps disperse natural oils on the scalp and throughout the rest of the hair. Your hair will appear more shiny and silky as a result of this.

Say goodbye to weak and knotted hair

Your hair will become less tangled when you use a wooden comb as opposed to one made of plastic or metal. Because it glides so easily over your head and through your hair, selecting this choice is risk-free for you to do. In addition to that, it will not cause your hair to break and will make it stronger.

Wooden combs are renewable

Neem wood which is both sustainable and renewable is frequently used in the manufacture of wooden combs. It makes it long-lasting and antibacterial. In addition to this, they are simple to clean and take up little space when not in use.