Delhi to wear revamped look ahead of G-20 Summit
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Delhi to wear revamped look ahead of G-20 Summit

NDMC approves various resident centric infrastructure proposals

Delhi to wear revamped look ahead of G-20 Summit

New Delhi: In the wake of upcoming G-20 Summit to be held in Delhi, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) is gearing up to give a revamped look to the national capital. NDMC in its council meeting held at NDCC, Convention Center has approved the G-20 Summit infrastructure, residents and employee centric various proposals in the agenda items placed before it.

Satish Upadhyay, vice chairman, NDMC said that the way the country has been moving forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the New Delhi Municipal Council have started preparing for G-20 with his ideals. Ever since India got the presidency of G-20, we have been involved in beautification and landscaping of the New Delhi area which consist beautification of roundabouts, roads by special colourful tulip flowers, renovation of PTUs / CTUs redevelopment of roads, road signages and roundabouts including pavement, green berms and illuminations etc.

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The proposals approved by the Council are as follows: Installation of National Flag Poles - The proposal is for installation of National Flags, Decorative Poles and Electrical and Illumination works to be carried out on Ranjeet Singh and Safdarjung Flyover by NBCC Services Ltd. (NSL) considered in Council Meeting.

Proposal constitutes the major activities for the Ranjeet Singh Flyover are under the deck dynamic facade lighting, Installation and illumination of 30 National Flags to be installed at selected locations of the flyover, Providing power supply cabling under the deck, including removal overhead power supply cables etc.

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Proposal constitutes the major activities for the Safdarjung Flyover are over the deck dynamic facade lighting on both sides of the crash barriers (on the pedestrian walkway) and Installation of 30 Decorative Poles and Heritage Post Tops on the Central verge. Council accorded the approval of estimated amount in Rs. 5,08,86,357 with 10% permissible variation for getting the execution of work through M/s NBCC Service Ltd.

Re-surfacing of 12 roads in NDMC area: The defect liability period of 12 roads in New Delhi area has been expired including Mother Terresa Crescent and on these roads many maintenance related issues were also received frequently, it was also observed that at the top surface of all these roads many Longitudnal as well as Transverse cracks were developed.

Accordingly, it was decided to take the consultation of expert Government organization of this field i.e. “Central Road Research Institute (CRRI)” with a view to get the best required treatment on these Roads after doing detailed inspection and carrying out relevant test on these roads by the CRRI. After appointment CRRI conducted all requisite Field inspections and tests on following 12 roads - Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Road, Jantar Mantar Road, R.K. Ashram Marg (New), Raisina Road, Red Cross Road, Sansad Marg, Udyan Marg, Mahadev Road, Bangla Sahib Road, Bhai Veer Singh Marg, Mother Teresa Crescent Marg, and Old R.K. Ashram Marg. Council accord of administrative approval and expenditure sanction amounting to Rs. 12,35,92,500 for the work “Re-surfacing of 12 roads in NDMC area.”

Setting up of Public Charging related Infrastructure: Council accorded to formally signing of Agreement between NDMC and EESL for “setting up of Public Charging related Infrastructure pertaining to National Electric Mobility Program in NDMC area by EESL”. To provide, 24 x 7 free of cost dedicated parking space in front of charging stations for the consumers/owner/ fleet operators/commercial/any category or type of e-vehicles only, for charging of e-vehicle at charging stations installed in NDMC area irrespective of any location covering parking spaces/lots allocated to other concessioners works are included in the proposal.

If the charging spot is falling under already allotted parking space to other concessioner by NDMC, then a separate space equivalent to space utilized by e-vehicle for charging purpose only, shall be provided to the concessioner at other place, to the same. The responsibility to provide alternate space shall be of Parking Management Department. Installation and commissioning of additional Public Charging Stations (PCS) and related Infrastructure by EESL as per requirement and mutually decided by NDMC and EESL, as per provision of signed MoU and in accordance with agreement.

Appointment of Consultant for holistic study of water supply: Council suggested to engage Water and Power Consultancy Services (India) Ltd (WAPCOS) is a central PSU owned by Govt. Of India, Ministry of Jal Shakti as a consultant for holistic study of the water supply network, focusing on likely challenge in entire NDMC area filtered water sector and to prepare the Master Plan for coming 25 years. All Council members are agreed to implement the suggestion.

Operation, repair and maintenance of existing garbage stations: Council accorded the approval to proposal of Operation, Repair and Maintenance of existing PTUs / CTUs/Garbage stations/Roll call centers in lieu of Advertisement Rights in NDMC area on PPP Model comprising 200 PTUs/ CTUs and 17 Garbage Station on Roll Call Centres in NDMC area.

This includes operation of the PTUs and CTUs i.e. regular cleaning of the PTU and CTU and its surrounding area, functioning of all the fixtures, deployment of dedicated personnel, supervision and providing of consumables. This includes maintenance and operation of the entire necessary infrastructure provided in PTUS and CTUS such as electricity, drainage, sewerage, waste removal, water etc. The roll call center and garbage station are to be maintained by the concessionaire.

The concessioner shall clean and do housekeeping the other areas in all PTUs and CTUs for the facilities as specified above. Concessionaire shall also replace any broken/missing fixtures and  fittings at his own cost within 24 hours. Periodic white washing and painting shall also be responsibility of Concessionaire.

Modification in Hitkari Nidhi Yojana: Welfare Department was established with a view to provide community services in the NDMC and for Welfare of employees working in NDMC by providing various Welfare Schemes, One of the major employees welfare scheme was introduced as “Hitkari Nidhi Yojana.”

Council accorded the approval to Payment of an amount of Rs. 3500 to a maximum of Rs.33,000 per year, will be made on account  of reimbursement of Education Fees for upto two children's of an employee/RMR. Such reimbursement shall be limited to the fees charged by a government institution, preferably of GNCTD, for same course, in case the course is not available in the government institution then the proposal shall  be considered for reimbursement on the basis of any similar type of  course available in the government institutions.

Policy for Condemnation of NDMC Vehicles: NDMC will use only Electric Vehicles as Staff Cars in future and the current Diesel and Petrol Staff cars will be condemned as and when they complete their life span as per the policy of NDMC. However, Petrol / Diesel vehicles may be used as Staff cars in the case of administrative exigency only with the approval of the Chairperson NDMC.

Now, in accordance with above, and also considering into the existing designations in the Transport Department, the amendments in the existing norms resolutions for lifespan and condemnation norms/procedure for NDMC vehicles accorded approval by the Council.

Filtered water and sewer connection: Considering the vision of “Har Ghar Jal” and to ensure easy access for each and every applicant to get metered water connection, it is proposed to ease out the procedure with minimum documents required and inline by adopting DERC recommendation/ guidelines for new and existing connections.

Existing process for sanctioning of water and sewer connection requires numerous documents which are not available with the many applicants and to fulfill the basic need of water of residents/applicants of NDMC area, it is suggested to make the process of water and sewer connections sanction simple. Accordingly, some less documents from applicants (ie. NDMC area residents) at the time of submission of application forms for new filtered water and sewer connections within NDMC jurisdiction are allowed.

Procurement of Solar Energy: For installation of Grid Connected Roof Top Solar Power Plant, tenders were called by Director (Project) & M/s. Rays Power Experts Pvt. Ltd, was selected as the lowest bidder at Rs.6.35 per Unit, in RESCO mode. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was signed with the firm for installation of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant on NDMC owned buildings. M/s Rays Power Experts completed the installation of Grid Connected roof top solar power plant on 23 locations with an aggregate installed capacity of 1.134MWP.

The agreements have been entered for a period of 25 years. It is pertinent to mention that the approval from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) for the Renewable Energy Project pursuant to which PPA has been entered into including the permission for subsidy to make available to the supplier have duly been sought and received.

Capacity Building and Enhancement of “Municipal Finance”: NDMC is determined to play a more active role in contributing to growth of NDMC area and the city as a whole. The organization has been setting new targets, reaching new goals and is a role model being a self sustainable Municipality. In order to enhance its performance, NDMC requires more information expertise and guidance in the Municipal Finance domain. Financial sector reforms including innovative financing models and global standards of financial expertise need to be adopted.

NDMC has limited capacity to take up new concepts like accrual based budgeting etc. To achieve the set goals, NDMC may enter into MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with institutes of national repute like NIUA (National Institute of Urban Affairs) and AINIFM (Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management) etc. so as to strengthen the internal finance of the organization as also add to the knowledge base of the municipality like sector, Council accorded the approval to this proposal.

Rehabilitation of old sewer: Rehabilitation of Brick Barrel 990mm dia Sewer linefrom outer circle CP to C-Hexagon through K.G. Marg and Satya Marg to Kautilya Marg at Shanti Path by CIPP Structural Lining method proposed. Council accorded the approval of amounting Rs. 22,82,63,499 for the work of rehabilitation of old sewer lines in NDMC area.