Dazzle up your look with these earrings!
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Dazzle up your look with these earrings!

Earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery adorned by women

Dazzle up your look with these earrings!

Earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery that have been adorned by women for ages. Earrings hold the power to magically transform your look and add to your charm and charisma. From the traditional to modern earrings, we have combined a few types and their style tips that you can follow next time you step out for a party:

Stud earrings

Credit: 64facets.com

These are the small earrings that sit on your earlobes. There are many kinds of studs available from gold, pearl, colourful studs that you can wear comfortably every day. These are perfect for your daily wear. This pair of no-hustle earrings should be there in every woman's jewellery box.

Style tips: They come in a huge variety and are versatile enough to be paired with any outfit, be it your denim & solid tees, your gym wear, or kurti.

Drop earrings

Credit: movado.com

These earrings are the extension of stud earrings that fall from earlobes. These are classy pieces that are perfect to wear when you have to add a little spice to your look. They are minimal and light earrings that will surely elevate your look. These earrings can be worn to parties, weddings, or any special occasion.

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Style tips: You can style them with your smart casuals at a party in the office, or with your kurtis to make it look fancier. You can even style them with your indo-western outfit at the wedding.

Hoop Earrings

Credit: livefashionable.com

Hoop earrings have been loved for a while now. They are circular/oval-shaped earrings that hang below the earlobes. They are very budget-friendly and can make you look all dolled up instantly. These hoop earrings come in different types and sizes such as J Hoops or C Hoops. They are half hoops that go down the earlobes too.

Style tips: Hoops can be paired with everything. You can pair them with your casual dungarees, formally with your white shirts and party wear outfits such as kurti, they will fit right in with everything.

Huggie earrings

Credit: wanderlustco.com

Just like their name says, these are the small earrings that sleep in your ears. They are the small version of hoops and can be worn according to your comfort zone. It is very commonly worn by people with multiple piercings. They come in many kinds like simple gold, silver, studded, gemstones and these earrings will surely become your favorite pair.

Style tips: Pair huggie earrings with crop tops, boat neck dresses, and chic tops. They are appropriate for a casual vibe look.

Cluster earrings

Credit: nykaa.com

The cluster earrings are the ultimate party wear earrings. They comprise several stones and crystals closely embedded together to make a cluster. These earrings are also known as bunch earrings. These are perfect to be paired for playful occasions.

Style tips: You can pair them with a nice bodycon dress, Indian outfits, or any other party wear.

Dangle earrings

Credit: karmaplace.com

These are similar earrings to drop earrings except for the fact that they are longer and fall down the earlobe. They come in many forms such as tassel earrings, single strand long earrings, and many more different types of dangle earrings are available. These are the perfect type of earrings when you want to add sass to your look.

Style tips: These are perfect for party nights. You can wear them with your dresses, off-shoulder tops, jeans, gowns, or any other party dress.

Jhumka earrings

Credit: ajio.com

Jhumka earrings have become the most trendy earring nowadays. They are ideally made for traditional wear but now those silver bulky earrings are paired with every outfit. These are the quintessential pair of jewellery in every Indian jewellery box. They come in many forms, from silver plain jhumka to heavy stone jhumkas. They are the perfect pair if you want a fusion effect.

Style tips: Jhumka can work with Indian attires like kurtis, sarees, suits and if you want to create an indo-western look, you can add jhumkas to your tunics and jeans as well.