These foods help in boosting your 'happy hormone'
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These foods help in boosting your 'happy hormone'

Bananas are a strong source of B vitamin folate, which helps in lowering the level of depression.

These foods help in boosting your 'happy hormone'

A lot of our emotions are induced by the hormones released in our body. These hormones circulate in our blood, serving as messengers and participating in a variety of biological functions. We look for happiness more often than we'd like to acknowledge. To find happiness and peace in our life, we experiment with new practices like meditation, counseling and exercise regimens. But how we feel is greatly influenced by the meals we eat. Here are some foods that help in boosting your happy hormones and can make you feel better during anxiety or while you are feeling low.


According to a meta-analysis published in 2016, drinking coffee considerably lowers the chance of developing depression. Coffee not only improved mood substantially but also helps you concentrate more while you are working. Coffee also helps you making feel refreshed if you are tired while working.

Dark chocolate

As the blood supply to the brain is improved by cocoa, we experience an almost immediate uplift in our mood and ability to concentrate. Tryptophan, theobromine, and phenylethylamine are the three primary ingredients in chocolate that are linked to a happy mood. The brain uses the amino acid tryptophan to make serotonin. A mild stimulant that might lift our spirits is theobromine.


In a more indirect manner, bananas can be quite important in controlling your mood. The production of serotonin by our bodies depends on vitamin B6, which bananas are particularly high in. Up to 0.4 mg of vitamin B6 can be found in a single medium banana, or about 25% of the daily required amount. Additionally, bananas are a strong source of B vitamin folate, which helps in lowering the level of depression.


Quercetin and kaempferol, two beneficial substances that reduce inflammation, support brain health, prevent depression, and make us happier, are abundant in honey. In addition, it enhances antimicrobial capabilities, which aid in the prevention of illnesses that can weigh us down or make us miserable.


Medium-chain triglycerides, which are abundant in coconut, can help you feel more energised. A study indicated that coconut milk may alleviate anxiety, which is another reason why coconut is regarded as a giid mood food.