Best snacks to eat as energy booster
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Best snacks to eat as energy booster

Keep these foods near you so that you can have them whenever you crave them.

Best snacks to eat as energy booster

In order to keep yourself going until your next meal, it's important to eat a healthy and tasty filling snack when your energy levels dip between meals and hunger sets in. Unfortunately, many snack items are not healthy and affect your health in a negative way because of added sugars and refined carbohydrates. If you want sustained energy, you should always try to eat something healthy and filling. However, there are many nutritional snacks available, including ready-to-eat options that make good snack choices.

Snacking does not mean eating anything you get! "Nowadays our food is not capable of providing the required nutrients. When we eat junk during snacking it does not add instead just increases obesity and fat. We need to deal smartly with our snacks craving. Try to eat some nutrients during snacking so that it adds value to your body." says Himadri Majumdar (41), Nutrition and wellness advisor, based in Dwarka Sec 17, Delhi.

Instead of consuming candies, fast food or high sugar, you can make your snacking healthy by adding some nutritional food to your diet suggested by experts. Keep these foods near you so that you can have them whenever you crave them. Here are some food items you can munch on during your snack time.


Nuts have additional nutrients to replenish your energy in addition to protein and fibre that help you stay active. You can regain your energy with a peanut butter sandwich or a handful of almonds or dried fruits as a snack. Always carry some nuts with you for any time hunger cravings.

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Fruits are a great source of energy and at the same time, they make you feel full for a longer period of time. Fruit's complex nutritious carbs can satisfy your sweet taste while also giving you more energy. Melons are a particularly good option since they have a lot of water, which keeps you hydrated and gives you more energy.

Dairy products

Cheese, yogurt, or milk can be included in a snack that will give you more energy. A study indicates that drinking milk at night promotes muscle growth and recovery thanks to the protein and carbohydrates included in dairy products.


You can add eggs to your breakfast or snack-time to feel full and energetic for a longer time. The protein, iron, and zinc in eggs offer you energy and assist to maintain blood sugar levels at the same time, making them a great choice for a strong start to the day.


When caffeine is your only option, choose green or black tea for a beneficial energy boost. The green tea's energising amino acid may also offer defence against exhausting ailments like the flu and the common cold. Also, if you love coffee you can also consume black coffee to feel refreshed.

Roasted chana

A very simple, quick and handy snack you can carry for an emergency with you is roasted chana. This is a popular healthy snacking recipe which can be carried easily anywhere. For this, you just need to roast the chana and add some salt as per taste. This is also considered the best food for weight loss.

Apple with peanut butter

Fruits and vegetables are always healthy and full of nutrients. Apple combined with peanut butter is considered a good option for snacking. You can also combine bananas with peanut butter. This is easy to make and does not require much time.


Not only while watching a movie, but popcorns are also a good snacking item. Just add some salt and your snack is ready. Keep it in an air-tight container and munch on it whenever you want.