Mental health plays the lead role in a child’s holistic development
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Mental health plays the lead role in a child’s holistic development

Creating awareness among children regarding mental health problems might prove to be the best

Mental health plays the lead role in a child’s holistic development

New Delhi: Mental well-being is equally important as compared to physical well-being for overall growth of a child. Most of the time parents are not aware about the fact that their children need moral support to stay mentally strong and that matters a lot for their happiness. Mental health has become a smoldering topic in our society of late. As per psychologists it is unfortunate that very less number of people is concerned about their children’s mental health which is getting badly affected due to exposure to unknown and uncertain situations in family and social life.

It is the duty of the knowledgeable generation of our society to deal with this matter sincerely so that our children grow up happily and gradually turn out to be responsible citizens. Children are experiencing hard situations like tough competitions, excessive study burdens, pressure to choose career options, broken families, less bonding with parents and elderly relatives etc. So nowadays they are not enjoying their childhood which is the most precious period in human life. We need to make children aware so that they themselves can fight to resolve mental health issues. The best option is they should know how to face the challenges related to mental health to deal with it.

"We can help children become mentally strong by setting examples ourselves, teaching them about the benefits of good habits and harmful effects of bad habits. Using of poem and stories can be an effective option in a fun learning way. Some parents become overprotective for their children and try to win challenges by controlling their children's life. This keeps children from learning important skills such as problem solving, conflict management, emotion management and socializing. Therefore, positive thoughts are important children must be shaped about how they think." Says Shipra Lamba, Psychologist practitioner. She has also pointed out some ways to handle the mental health of your children. 

Shipra Lamba

Here are tips for mental health care of children by the psychologist :

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Lend your ears to your children

Keeping your gadgets aside and having a conversation with your child for at least 10 minutes with eye-to-eye contact can be really helpful. This quality time will build his or her trust on you. In this way you will spend quality time with your child  and that will have a positive impact in future.

Don't be judgmental

If you are having a conversation with them make sure about respecting the point of view of your child. If you want to establish your point then you have to carefully make them understand things with logic without being judgmental. Try to understand the demand of the hour. Don't make your child feel left out from the current generation. 

Discuss failure 

It is very important to discuss your personal stories with your children. Share your failures with them to make them understand that failure is fine sometimes. It will give them hope and strengthen their mental power for handling failures. 

Teach them ways to manage stress

Instead of simply ignoring and scolding them, try to teach them about stress management. Stress management is very important for mental health. 

Make them involve in physical activities 

When you are physically involved in outdoor games or activities, you tend not to think much about any problem. Make your children involve in physical activities. Encourage them to participate in outdoor games.