Men's jewellery in trend 2023
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Men's jewellery in trend 2023

Here are 5 popular trends for men's jewellery you can start with.

Men's jewellery in trend 2023

Jewellery plays an important role in elevating your outfit and enhancing your look in seconds. A lot of new trends emerged during the lockdown and one of them was the influencer's community. These influencers and celebrities have given us huge content and set new goals for us to experiment with our fashion and taste. Blurring of gender lines and celebrating the new fashion has given space to men's jewellery to make a room for itself.

Though the idea of men's jewellery is not something new, yet inarguably it is not what it use to be. With improvement and appropriate styling, it has become more significant and defining. A large number of people have adopted the new trend of jewellery for men but relatively the market is considered untapped for men's jewellery in India. If you are willing to invest in men's jewellery, here are 5 popular trends for men's jewellery you can start with.

Start with Bracelets

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Most men have the habit of wearing a wrist watch and bracelets can be a very good start for their jewellery. For the ones who are in their initial stage for their men's jewellery, bracelets won't be too much for them as they already have a habit of wearing a wristwatch. The bracelets look effortless yet elegant to define your outfit and enhance its beauty. You can choose from a vast collection of silver or gold bracelets according to your taste and preferences.

Evergreen rings

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Another piece of jewellery which absolutely adds to your look. It is no new concept but is in trend right now. This is a cool piece of jewellery which can become an absolute game-changer for the day. Try adding this to your men's jewellery box and stay updated with fashion in 2023.

Mini shape pendants

With the ongoing trends on social media, it is clearly evident that minimal and adorning have become the keywords when choosing jewellery. These key drivers say it all. People want to wear something simple yet elegant at the same time. Mini flower pendants, different shapes or evil eye pendants and small pearls are most in trend. This cool-looking pendants with a simple chain can be your go to look for a celebration day.

Beaded Jewellery

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For some boho and hipster look beaded jewellery is a perfect choice. You can have beaded bracelets, chains or hair beading for long hair. Beaded jewellery is super comfortable. It can be a good choice for a comfortable and stylish look.