Preserve your love and roses in a resin!
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Preserve your love and roses in a resin!

This method can preserve your Rose and memories forever

Preserve your love and roses in a resin!

Let's all welcome annual Valentines week, the love month, when the air feels different and everything seems more romantic. Rose Day, which falls on February 7 every year, symbolises the start of Valentine's Week. Though you can offer your partner any flower they choose, the Rose is one of the most symbolic symbols of love. It is the best beginning to Valentine week and to your love.

Receiving a rose today is special in every way. The Rose, which is often given on Valentine's Day or an anniversary, is an irrefutable emblem of love and admiration. Unfortunately, these lovely flowers can decay and wither away over time.

What if your rose had the same longevity as your love? A rose can be preserved in some ways, but none of them will remain indefinitely. You can dry them, but they will become very brittle and fade over time if you do so. However, if you preserve a rose in resin, you can have an immortal flower that will hold your feeling and, obviously, your Rose.

Here is the method to preserve a rose and make it alluring.

Credit: Hello Lily

To keep your Rose alive indefinitely, you'll need the right tools. You'll need a mould for your bloom before you go out and get your epoxy resin. You can choose from a range of moulds, such as food moulds, jewellery moulds, or any other flexible casting. Firm plastic moulds can also preserve a rose, but flexible, malleable moulds are preferred.

Things you'll need to make a rose last forever:

  • Roses
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Cool Dry Place
  • A Mold in Your Desired Shape
  • Popsicle Stick / Wooden or Plastic Spoon
  • Disposable Measuring Cups
  • Gloves
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Flat surface
  • Patience
Credit: Gifts with Love and Art 

The Rose Must Be Dried
You can dry the Rose in a variety of ways to preserve it. You may be aware of flower pressing, which involves flattening and drying a flower until the bloom is thin and paper-like. However, this procedure does not preserve the bloom's dimensional shape. Allowing your Rose to air dry is the most excellent method to keep its shape.

Keep the Rose alive.
Now that your roses are dry, you can keep them in all of their glory. Depending on the type of resin you bought, there may be different instructions, so read them carefully! To avoid any flaws in your mould or procedure, measure each ingredient carefully.

Construct the Resin
First, figure out how much resin you'll need to fill your mould. If your mould didn't come with volume measurement, fill it with water and then transfer the water to a measuring cup to figure out how much resin you'll need. To protect your space from the resin, layer it with paper towels or newspaper.

After putting on your gloves, pour enough raw resin into the mould using the disposable measuring cup. Measure and add the catalyst (or hardener) according to your resin's instructions, then thoroughly mix it with the resin with a popsicle stick or any other disposable stirring instrument. If you don't thoroughly mix the resin, it will separate.

Sculpt the Rose
It would help to begin your technique at your flat, undisturbed workspace, where the mould will later set. Pour the first layer of resin into the mould. Place your Rose or roses in the resin in the manner you want them to be kept. By securing each bloom or blossom in the resin, place it in the mould. It's important to remember that once you've established them, you can't take them back!

After that, finish filling your mould by pouring the resin over the blossoms. It will take hours for the resin to harden entirely, and it may take longer in humid areas.

You can use your trim tool to modify your Rose during the first half-hour of setting while the resin turns into a gel. The bloom will naturally rise during the process, but you may gently press the Rose back into position if you check it as it sets.

Now you have to wait! The mould can take up to 4 hours to set.

Keep Your Rose Forever
Check if the mould is sticky or wet on the outside before removing it. Remove your project from the mould after laying down some padding to preserve it. That's it, a rose that will last a lifetime.

This method can preserve your Rose and memories forever.