Are you passionate about destination marriage
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Are you passionate about destination marriage

A romantic destination marriage may give you the precious memories for life

Are you passionate about destination marriage

Indian weddings have always been exclusive, vibrant, and attractive for their traditional rituals. It is basically a huge gathering of near and dear ones, friends, and relatives sharing cheerfulness with each other. In recent years people have become more interested in destination weddings with a limited number of people instead of opting for a huge gathering at their hometown or ancestral house. destination weddings have been attracting couples for their unique nature and chances to create unforgettable memories.

Before choosing a destination, you must look at your budget, landscape, weather, and distance. Decide whether you want a beach, mountains, winter landscape spots, or a tropical paradise for the destination.
A perfectly planned destination wedding can be an exciting and memorable experience with your close friends and family witnessing your Day.

Here are some ideas which you can consider when choosing your dream destination wedding locations:


Santorini, Greece is a beautiful and romantic place with white limestone buildings and blue domed roofs all around. The scenario is mesmerizing and it is one of the most preferred destinations for a honeymoon too. Have you ever thought of a wedding in your traditional Indian outfit among the white limestone walls?

You can plan an amazing wedding in Santorini and perform your rituals in the presence of beautiful sunsets. There are various options for beaches and hotels for a wedding venue.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast in Italy is an apt location for spectacular scenery at the wedding. You can get done with your wedding and pre-wedding shoot here among the scenic castles and century-old hotels.

This has become a popular location because of the scenic beauty of the pictures. You can select a day between April to September for a favourable time. With the good support of transport and agencies who can organize a wedding, it won't be a difficult task to manage everything.


Tulum in Mexico is not only a beautiful location but also it will fit your budget if you will do your research properly. The location is a beach town, its bohemian style and gorgeous villas are a perfect place for a wedding.

From Luxury resorts to exclusive clubs you can get your big fat wedding also planned here. With a good range of range in properties, you can decide the location according to your pocket.

Sri Lanka

If you are planning to not cover a long distance for your wedding then you can easily consider Sri Lanka as your destination for the wedding. Full of greenery and sky, you can form a new bond in the lap of nature.

The big fat weddings in India require a lot of things and you will get everything required for the wedding in Sri Lanka. The resorts and hotels are spacious so you don't have to book several locations for the functions. In this way, Sri Lanka is much pockets friendly for Indians than any other place. September to April is an apt time for hosting the wedding in Sri Lanka.


Ireland is a location full of luscious green sceneries and historical castles for a dream destination for the wedding. You can host a little less formal wedding events with your close ones. If you are planning for an outdoor wedding then you need to look at the weather as Ireland can have rain at any point in time.

Your wedding will be a memorable experience with your close friends and family in Ireland. With a ton of choice in the venue and delectable cuisine, you can also experiment with your fashion here.