Explore the must visit places in India for an unforgettable culinary experience
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Explore the must visit places in India for an unforgettable culinary experience

Our Metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi are famous for their street food culture

Explore the must visit places in India for an unforgettable culinary experience

Our country is the land of diversity which has made it distinctive in the world and there are so many things which are mostly unexplored. Like the culinary part of our country is so extensive that it’s still not known that how many dishes are there which we have never heard about. There are so many interesting cuisines which we have never tried before. So now it should be the time to explore our country’s best places which are famous for their delicious foods. Destinations will be cosmopolitan and heritage cities of India.

We have a list of places which are culinary heavens and known widely for their cultural legacy. These cities are a must visit place in the year 2023.


Kolkata is renowned for its street cuisine and delicacies that are not only tasty but famous for their ingredients. Visit Tiretti Bazaar, Park Street, China Town, and Dacre Lane if you want to taste the exquisite cuisine in Kolkata. One must-try delicacies include the Roshogolla, Sandesh,Egg Roll, Chicken kathi roll, Moghlai Paratha, Dhakai Paratha, Nolen Gurer Sandesh, famous Fish Fry and Fish chop. 


Mumbai is known as the "Sapno ki Nagri" and is well known for its tasty local food. Foods like Vada pav, Pav bhaji, Misal pav, Ragda pattice, and Omlette pav are among those that are considered to be emblematic of the town. Among of the well-known locations where you can discover the city's best food vendors at Gateway of India, Juhu Beach, and several other places.


Without going to New Delhi, notably if you haven't done it before, a culinary tour of India would be incomplete. Old agricultural lanes mingle charmingly with high rises buildings, making it worthwhile to wander in the city. You can enjoy a range of cuisines from Old Delhi to Lajpat Nagar. You can try foods such as Rajma chawal,Chole chawal, Rolls, Ram Laddu, murgh makhni, Chole Bhature, Paneer makhni, Golgappe, rabdi, Daulat ki chatt, Chole kulche, Chole bhature, Bhelpuri, and several other street food options are available.


Food is very important to people of Indore. This town's food combines dishes from Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. Traditional breakfasts like  Poha and  Jalebi, well-known savory crunchy snacks (namkeen) to Mawa bati, Dal bafla, and Bhutte ki kees are very famous.  Chhappan or Sarafa market are two of the most well-liked locations to go in search of delicious meals. 


The Malabar area is located on the Indian subcontinent's southwest coast. Being a seaside area, the meal is renowned for its distinctive flavors and use of coconut. The various delectable curries and other recipes are packed with spices, giving them unique flavors. If you enjoy eating non-vegetarian meals, this will be your go-to spot for delectable fare. A few dishes you must try include Malabar biryani, Malabar parotta, Fish surka masala, and Malabar lamb curry.