Encourage kids to play outdoors for their holistic growth
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Encourage kids to play outdoors for their holistic growth

For a blissful, stress-free childhood, let your kid play outside

Encourage kids to play outdoors for their holistic growth

Do you remember the time when PlayStations or mobiles weren’t introduced? Do you remember the long hours you used to spend with your friends outside? Do you remember those little injuries while playing outdoors in your childhood? Well, if yes then you must ensure your child also gets the same exposure to nature for his or her holistic growth. 

Playing outdoors with friends makes children happy as they feel contented and less stressed out. Our bond with nature should never be broken. A secure and cheerful childhood is what this new generation needs. Outdoor playing shapes a child’s personality as strong and confident. 

Let’s check out some benefits that playing outside ensures:

Unlimited happiness

Happiness is the most important factor for children while growing up. Playing outside with friends pleases them and they feel happy at home, in school or wherever they go. Their happiness reflects in their activity. 

Reduced stress and fatigue

Outdoor games reduce stress and fatigue in kids. Their energy level goes higher due to their exposure to fresh air.

Physical stamina

Playing means the overall workout of the body which helps gain extra strength. Different outdoor games require lots of physical effort. So it helps children to grow stronger.

Mental strength

Playing requires a lot of concentration because children get completely absorbed when they play. There is no doubt that they play in groups and they face winning and losing. Facing such challenges while playing games make them mentally strong.

Brain Development

Children love to discover new things. They explore various new games and methods or rules. This helps them utilise their thought processes and develops their brain.

Less chance of Obesity

Sitting in front of a screen limits body movement. The kids sit in front of the screen and gather extra pounds, leading to obesity. Getting exposed to nature and lots of physical workouts prevent children from getting that extra fat.

Social development

When we play together and mix up with each other, we tend to become more socialised in behaviour. This helps in the overall development and future interactions. Playing with friends outdoors may appear simple, but it makes a greater impact in future. 

Better communication

Interacting with so many individuals in person develops communication skills. Childhood is perhaps the best time to develop good communication skills for the future. With unlimited talking our skills get better.

Greater Self-awareness

A sense of awareness builds when children start playing with each other. They learn how to interact with others and what to say and what not to say. They learn how to deal with their playmates and challenging situations.