E-rickshaws at Noida’s Aqua Metro Line to ease commuting soon
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E-rickshaws at Noida’s Aqua Metro Line to ease commuting soon

E-rickshaws to be available at 16 stations of Noida's Aqua Line from April

E-rickshaws at Noida’s Aqua Metro Line to ease commuting soon

In order to make the whole commuting pleasant, E-rickshaws will be available at 16 stations of the Aqua Metro Line that connects Noida with Greater Noida from April. The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) has issued a request for proposals (RFP)to deploy e-rickshaws at 16 stations on the Aqua Line.

The number and route of the rickshaws will be determined by the company operating them. Special attention would be paid to the movement at the subway station. At NMRC's behest, an agency will be provided with 100 to 500 square meters of space for parking near the station. There will also be a charging facility for e-rickshaws. The agency will also pay an amount to the NMRC for this.

The initiative to run E-rickshaws was taken to bridge the last mile and connect the sectors with the metro station. The E-rickshaws will initially operate at 16 of the 21 Aqua Line stations. As part of this plan, a preliminary meeting will be held on February 27, and site visits will also be conducted on the same day for interested agencies.

The first condition for technically competent companies is that they operate at least 25 E-rickshaws in any given location and that there is no major criminal case against them. After opening the financial bids of the technically competent companies, the company that brings the highest revenue to the NMRC will be contracted to operate the e-rickshaws.

The selected company is required to give its approval within ten days and deposit a bond within seven days. After depositing the fee, NMRC will provide a place for parking and charging. Within one month, the agency must then make arrangements for charging and parking.

Keeping in view the convenience and safety of the people, NMRC has also laid down some rules for the agency operating the e-rickshaws. According to them, all e-rickshaw drivers must carry clothes, a driver's license and I-card. A fine of 200 rupees will be levied if the uniform is missing or dirty. If the driver uses a cell phone or listens to music while driving an e-rickshaw, a fine of 200 rupees will be imposed.

Anyone who behaves improperly toward a passenger and fails to provide adequate service will be fined 500 rupees. If a passenger is charged a higher fare, a fine of one thousand rupees will be imposed. A violation of traffic regulation is also punishable by a fine under the Motor Vehicles Act.

E-rickshaw users will have several options for paying the fare. For example, it will be possible to pay the fare by cash, online payment, wallet or metro card. The operated e-rickshaws will not use the NMRC logo under any circumstances