Water woes of Noida residents addressed, TDS test begins
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Water woes of Noida residents addressed, TDS test begins

A logbook recording the source and end of TDS in water will be prepared

Water woes of Noida residents addressed, TDS test begins

Noida: The water officials in Noida have started keeping a record of the TDS levels in tap water at Nodia’s High-rise Society. The officials have prepared a logbook for this purpose in which the TDS level is recorded every month from the source and end of the water flow.  

The said report will be forwarded to the Additional Chief Executive Officer in charge. More than 70 UGRs are created in all three sections for supply in Noida to test the water. The TDS value of the water is tested every month in these UGRs. The data extracted is monitored at the ACEO level. Whenever the residents of a sector or society enquire about water quality, the data can be shown as proof. 

About 240 MLD of Gangajal is provided in Noida. By mixing Ganga water with regular one, the TDS level has been reduced to about 800 to 900. This water is supplied to the sector and society through UGR. Mixing another 90 MLD of Gangajal to further reduce the TDS level after the third phase has also been planned. 

The initiative was taken after several residents of Nodia’s High-rise Society repeatedly complained about the 1800 TDS level in the water. As the officials went to inspect, they found that the water is supplied by the UGR of the authority which is mixed with the water already available in society and stored.

Since the TDS value is 1800, the OSD has instructed all UGR managers to carry a TDS meter. So if someone asks for the TDS value, they can provide accurate information. At the same time prepare a file and submit the report every month to the ACEO-level officer.