Indian Sweets will make you speechless with the heavenly taste
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Indian Sweets will make you speechless with the heavenly taste

Indian recipes for delicious sweets and desserts is a wonderful creative aspect of our culture

Indian Sweets will make you speechless with the heavenly taste

Indian sweets are globally famous for astonishing taste and unique recipes that are hardly available in any part of the world. Our treasure is our culinary expertises that have given us a stand in creating delectable items that draws attention. We normally specialize on making sweet or desserts are healthy and create a long lasting impact on our sense of taste. Different states of the country produce different kinds of sweets with some speciality. There are huge varieties of sweet sand desserts which will surely make you passionate about the yummy taste and bring cheerfulness in mind. Famous Indian sweet dishes like rabri, gulab jamun, peda, kaju barfi, rosogolla, sandesh will mesmerize you with their heavenly taste. 

Nowadays people are more concerned about their health and they prefer to stay away from sweets and desserts. On practical note, sometimes indulging ourselves to experience the divine taste and flavour will be a wise decision. It will bring a sense of happiness and conteenment.

There are numerous items that will captivate your mind:

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the most well-known Indian sweet which is always found in all happy occasions or celebrations. It is a creation of north India and it is made with flour, khoya, pure ghee and sugar syrup. It is a delicious item with strong sweet taste.

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A divine taste can only be experienced with rabri which is made from pure milk. It combines a greatest ever taste with good health. Pure milk, sugar,  khoya and  dry fruits are the main ingredients.It takes a whole lot of time to prepare rabri as the main preparation comes with layers of milk that comes with hours of simmering in low flame.


Rosogolla is a famous Bengali sweet which is admired worldwide. It is basically made of pure milk and sugar syrup. The perfect round shape and suppleness has made it so popular. Although it was invented in Kolkata but now it is available in various regions of the country.


Sandesh is also another Bengali sweet and there are lots of varieties in sandesh. Made of milk, khoya, sugar and dry fruits and will energize your taste buds very easily with mouth-watering taste. Few of the famous sandesh items are Nolen gurer sandesh, Talsansh sandesh, korapak sandesh etc.

Motichur Laddoo

Moticur Laddoo is perhaps the most common in every occasions and spiritual rituals. These are made of motichur and pure ghee and are truly tasty delights for everyone. You will hardly find anyone who can resist the crispy sweet taste of motichur laddoo.


Peda is another magical sweet that will make you passionate instantly. Peda has north Indian origin and extremely popular among Indians. Varanasi, Mathura and Deoghar- three divine cities are very famous for their special peda.


A scrumptious taste will make you speechless and you will feel like to grab some more when you taste this one. Kalakand is a heavenly delicious delight and you will become a diehard fan of this north Indian origin sweet. Milk, khoya, sugar and pistachios are normally used to prepare this one, some times coconut pulp gets added to bring some variations in taste.


In Bengal kheer is known as payesh and this is a popular Indian pudding. There are different kinds of kheer in Indian recipe. Normally, Milk and raw rice, semiyan, suji and  saboodana are used to cook different types of  kheer.

Suji ka Halwa

A very well known Indian dessert which is tasty and healthy at the same time and it is very easy to prepare. Suji, ghee, sugar and little amount of raisins and cashew will make a tasty sweet dish.

Gajar k Halwa

Gajar ka halwa or Gajrella originated in North India and an extraordinary dish to relish. This is very simple to make and mostly favored during the Winter season all over northern and eastern regions of India.


A very old yet very popular sweet dish which is interesting in its shape and its amazing shape has made it a unique one. Jalebi is so delicious when it is served hot and dipped in sugar syrup.

Kaju katli

Kaju Barfi or Kaju Katcli is so popular among Indians that no special celebration is complete without this one. Even people prefer to gift a packet of Kaju Katli to their near and dear ones during festivals and occasions. Made of cashew nuts and khoya, this is really a luscious sweet.

Besan ka Barfi

A simple recipe of pure ghee, besan and sugar makes a quick but delicious sweet  which is popular all over. Besan ki barfi is not only tasty but it is good for health also. Besan ki barfis are often consumed during the winter season to regain vitality.

Shone Papdi

Shone papdi is a famous Indian sweet which has always been a sensation among food lovers. Shone papdi is very famous among the children for its light and delightful taste. People who prefer lighter taste of sugar often go for shone papdi.