You will be thrilled to get vegetables from your own magical Kitchen garden
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You will be thrilled to get vegetables from your own magical Kitchen garden

Our kitchen garden will bring the flavor of age-old tradition of courtyard gardens

You will be thrilled to get vegetables from your own magical Kitchen garden

Just imagine how thrilling it will be if you get the chance to pick up green vegetable from your terrace or window bracket or balcony. Won’t it be so exciting that you are taking vegetables from your own garden -honestly it will be so unique thing and enchanting at the same time. Kitchen gardens are not a new concept in India, basically growing vegetables in the courtyard of the house has always been a preferred thing among us but due to scarcity of spacious courtyards or backyards nowadays gardens are almost invisible. So we can indulge ourselves in kitchen gardens which occupy very small space and need humble efforts as well. Green vegetables and herb can be easily grown in our kitchen gardens.

It will be such a great idea if we plan to produce our own kitchen garden. Housewives, working women retired persons or even school going kids can form a beautiful green kitchen garden to have the pleasure of resourcefulness.

Let’s find out plants the can be easily grown in our kitchen garden.

Basil or Tulsi

Basil is the most popular herb among Indians for its spiritual as well as medicinal values. If you want to enjoy a healthy herbal tea every morning then you must grow basil at home., It has many varieties  and Basil grows well throughout the year but it grows faster in humid weather so you can buy the seeds almost any time of the year. You can grow this either indoors or outdoors but make sure it receives enough sunlight. Basil is known to improve memory and reduce stress.

Coriander or Dhania

Coriander is famously known as dhania and it is loves by all for its beautiful aromatic taste. This herb is an indispensible part of every Indian kitchen. Fresh or dried dhania is just amazing. So it will be a great idea to grow it in our own kitchen garden and it is easy to take care of dhania leaves. They need sunlight and good amount of water, till the time of full growth.


A rich source of antioxidants in your home will surely make very happy.  Tomatoes are hugely used t in our daily cooking and that apart tomato soups are a delight to all and you may get the supply always when it will be available at your kitchen garden. Initially it can be placed inside but later on it is to be transplanted outdoors where it can get direct sunlight for 7 to 8 hours. 

Brinjal or Bengan

Various luscious dishes can be made from your home produced brinjals and you can easily grow them in your terrace garden or kitchen garden. They need full sunlight of 5-6 hours and later on you must keep the brinjal plants indoors. Water daily so the soil remains moist. 

Chili or Mirchi

A very common ingredient in Indian cuisine and when to come to spice up your food then chilies are highly recommended along with other spices. Chili seeds need to be germinated indoors in a warm weather condition before you can sow them in soil. Make sure you place the plant where it receives sunlight. Water it regularly so the soil is moist at all times. Green chilies are full of antioxidants.

Onion or Peyaz

We need the taste and flavor of onion in almost every dish and without it our dishes go tasteless. Sunny spot is required all the time for home -grown pesticide-free onions. Keep in mind to drain the water after dripping the plants. Onion seeds usually take only 7-10 days to germinate. Onions control  the body temperature if eaten raw as salad.

Bitter Gourd or Karela

A very healthy but less tasty thing will definitely be a perfect choice for your kitchen garden. Early spring is the best time for sowing karela seeds make sure the soil you prepare is well-drained and rich in organic matter.  Water the plant regularly to keep it moist and sun exposure is a must. Good for controlling diabetes and boosts immunity

Peppermint or Pudina

A very healthy and tasty herb known as pudina that is required in the household daily basis. Peppermints can be grown inside the house or outside as well and it will be ready to harvest in less than 2 months. Pudina seeds will start to germinate in two weeks and once the plant germinates, choose to keep them in a sunny place. Pudina is very helpful for the digestive system.