Skipping the splatter: Excuses to skip playing Holi
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Skipping the splatter: Excuses to skip playing Holi

Let’s admit not everyone is fond of loud music, colours and crowd

Skipping the splatter: Excuses to skip playing Holi

Holi brings lots of eagerness of celebrating it with your family and friends. It is a festival of colours, sweets, dance, and love but not all people like to indulge in colours, water, and sweets. Some want to be indoors in their beds because they don't want to look messy or be messy. Simply, they just don't like the festival of Holi but they can't say that upfront and for that, they need to make excuses.

Here we present the creative excuses which you all can use to avoid throwing water balloons and colours this Holi.

I have exams starting next week. So have to study

It is mostly used excuse by the students because it is time to go underground.

I have an important meeting tomorrow and for that, I need to work on my online presentation. Next year, please

Oh! The new excuse is here in the town, people who are working from home have a new excuse

Reminding them of global water scarcity 

Well, water scarcity is a big issue and also the best excuse to avoid playing Holi. And then who can forget the mid-March chill!!

Lock your house and sleep all day

Hate having friends ring your doorbell and attack you with colours? Avoid all that drama by just finding a place to hide by closing the door and sleeping all day. Kisi ki parwah nahi!

'I have acne' 

This excuse may or may not help but yeah, khoobsurati should be on point!

“I am having a severe headache. It might be a migraine. I will see you out in a while (and they never go out)”

No one wants to come close to a sick person, do they?

Let us know which excuses you are going to use in the comment section. If none of the above excuses works, just crawl back into bed and stay there till noon.