Get ready to astonish yourself with mesmerising recipes of Bottle gourd or Lauki
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Get ready to astonish yourself with mesmerising recipes of Bottle gourd or Lauki

Scrumptious lauki dishes can make you feel surprised with their health benefits

Get ready to astonish yourself with mesmerising recipes of Bottle gourd or Lauki

Who has ever given a thought that simple looking bottle gourd, famously known as lauki can turn into mouth-watering dishes to leave you speechless. Honestly there are a very few who actually know about the delicious dishes that can be made of lauki. It has multiple health benefits like it is so good for digestive tract, helps digestion, prevents gastritis, constipation and piles. It helps in reducing body weight and very good for the liver health as per Ayurveda. So lauki is not only a vegetable it has a rare combination of diverse taste and healthiness altogether. You will be so delighted if you make lauki a part of your recipes permanently.

Bottle gourd consists of water mostly and other than this, it is low in calories, cholesterol and super low in saturated fats. It has a good amount of fibre, vitamins, iron and other minerals. There are a number of dishes made of lauki which will leave you speechless at the dining table. Family There is no doubt that every member including children will surely cherish each and every item made of lauki. 

There is a collection of famous lauki or bottle gourd recipes:

Lauki kofta

Credit: youtube

This is a light tomato and ginger  based curry dunked with koftas made from bottle gourd.The gravy is mildly spiced and it tastes so good when milk or cream is added.koftas taste so heavenly when they get absorbed in the gravy.

Lauki sabzi

Credit: youtube

A very simple yet very tasty solution to our daily requirements. Lauki , potatoes,garlic, onion, tomato and dhania altogether makes a very refreshingly  tasty dish to be served with chapati or rice .

Lauki thepla

Credit: youtube

A very Nutritious and unique dishe can be made in the form of thepla.Thepla made of lauki tastes very nice.Whole wheat flour, spices, lauki and herbs should be mixed so well together and a thick batter should be prepared. It is a  healthy option to be served as tiffin or breakfast.

Lauki halwa

Credit: youtube

 A sweet Indian dessert made with lauki, milk, ghee, sugar, cardamom and nuts. Homely method of making halwa with the milk takes a little longer, but is handy when you do not have ready khoya at home.

Lauki chana dal sabzi

Credit: youtube

This is a very classic curry recipe made with lauki and bengal gram. Lauki Chana dal curry is an easy and quick to serve dish. This mouth-watering and healthy gravy can be served with roti or paratha or even with Puri.

Lauki kheer

Credit: youtube

Lauki kheer is made of fresh tender lauki and full cream milk and sugar . So easy to cook the recipe but a wonderful delight for the foodies. Just like lauki halwa this is another dessert that will make you a lauki fan.

Dudhi bhaji

Credit: youtube

A Goan recipe of lauki sabzi made with minimal ingredients. The sabzi is mildly spiced with green chilies..Lauki should be grated or cut into blocks. Freshly grated coconut gives a nice sweet taste which is uncommon and unforgettable.

Lauki raita

Credit: indian veggie delight

It is an easy, refreshing dish made with lauk, fresh curd or yoghurt  and some spices. It is also sweet in taste and can be served with Pulao, Biryani or any Indian meal. Lauki raita is a must during the summer. 

Lauki yakhni recipe

Credit: fast-curries

A very luscious recipe where fried lauki slices get dipped in a light and aromatic yoghurt sauce. Lauki yakhni is a dish from Kashmiri recipes which does not use onion and garlic. This dish goes well with steamed rice or jeera rice or even saffron rice.