Most delectable Coconut Sweets will make you overjoyed with savour
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Most delectable Coconut Sweets will make you overjoyed with savour

sweets made of coconut will take your heart away

Most delectable Coconut Sweets will make you overjoyed with savour

Coconut is one of the most favourite ingredients for cooking for the homemakers, food lovers and for the culinary experts as well. Coconut is a wonderful thing that can add excellent taste to so many simple dishes and make it luscious instantly. This fruit is frequently used while cooking variety of dishes all over India but South Indian recipes are never complete without it. Coconut is magical when you try to make a dessert with it and honestly it will captivate senses like anything. Different regions of the country are famous for diverse ways of preparing sweet dishes. There are numerous sweet recipes made of coconut with mesmerising taste and flavour.

Different states prepare different coconut desserts which will melt your heart the moment you taste those. Coconut is a all time favourite with its with superb taste and assortment. We may talk about a few widely famous sweets and desserts made of coconut.

Delicious Coconut Laddu

Coconut Laddu is a very simple yet awesome sweet item that is famous all over India. It is also called Nadu in Bengal. Spiritual occasions, Puja and other divine rituals can never be completed without it and as per our age old traditional beliefs coconut brings good positive vibes. Coconut laddus are so easy to prepare. You only need to prepare with Milk, Sugar, Fresh or dried grated coconut and little amount of khoya. During Duga Puja and Mahalaxmi Puja this Coconut laddu or nadu is indispensable in Bengal.


Magical Coconut Barfi or Nariyal Barfi :

Another wonderful sweet made with coconut and no need to say that this is also immensely popular item. This is also a simple yet mouthwatering item that will take your heart away. This traditional sweet is mostly prepared at home during Diwali and Durga Puja. This irresistible   Indian sweet can be prepared with Khoya, almonds and pistachios along with dried coconut and ghee.

Coconut Kheer or Nariyal ki kheer:

This is a tempting sweet dish or Indian dessert that will make you feel hungrier when you will taste this once. It is a perfect dish to celebrate any occasion or just cook it up as an after-meal dessert at home. You just need to get soothing blend of rice and coconut milk, that apart some amount of khoya, sugar and dry fruits will do the rest.


Modak is the most favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha and he is simply obsessed with it. Ganesh Chaturthi can never be imagined without Modak. A very tasty item and can easily be made with coconut, sugar or Jaggery, Khoya and dry fruits,. This is almost  like laddu but the shape is different and it is more supple.


Patishapta Pithe:

Bengal’s hot favorite Patishapta Pithe can never be completed without coconut; this is the main ingredient of it. Patishapta is a very tasty delight during the Makar Sankranti festival in Bengal. This is made with rice flour along with semolina or suji and the main filling is made with coconut and jaggery.


Puli Pithe

Puli pithe is also another popular dessert of Bengal and it is also prepared during the celebration of Makar Sankranti. This is also prepared with a combination of rice flour and semolina and the shape it very different. It looks like Gujiya and has rich filling of Coconut and Jaggery combination. Then it gets dipped into boiling milk to turn into thick creamy dessert .It is so differently delicious that no one can resist the temptation.