Holy Basil is a blessing for your overall wellbeing and cheerfulness
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Holy Basil is a blessing for your overall wellbeing and cheerfulness

Tulsi can do wonderful things with its amazing medicinal properties

Holy Basil is a blessing for your overall wellbeing and cheerfulness

Indian religious studies are incomplete without the Holy Basil which is respectfully called Tulsi. This wonderful herb is known to be a heavenly plant that is enriched with huge medicinal properties. There are almost 150 varieties of Tulsi around the world. In the Indian Subcontinent we can find three major categories and these are Ram Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi and Van Tulsi. This herb is rich with antioxidants and helps in reducing weight very fast. Surprisingly it helps to get rid of depression also.  
It is also used as a herb to treat thyroid and diabetes Tulsi has many essential properties that can be used for healing multiple diseases or health disorders naturally and effectively.
Tulsi for your Eyes:
You will be thrilled to know that Tulsi helps your eye to get rid of any kind of itching or irritations instantly. Tulsi drops or eye wash may reduce strain on your eyes and protects them from eye-related problems such as conjunctivitis and boils.
Tulsi can treat your skin:
Tulsi is just excellent for all types of skins. It has some essential properties to make the skin brighter and shimmering. It can cure various kinds of acnes, rashes, pimple and scars on the skin and very effective for curing skin allergies and skin diseases. Tulsi based cream can improve the skin structure

Tulsi prevents premature graying of hair Tulsi can be used to treat your hair problems as well. It prevent s hair fall if it is applied on the scalp on a regular basis. This herb is amazing in treating dry scalp that dandruff. It may sound astonishing that it can prevent premature graying and keep the hair texture thick and dark.

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Tulsi for Weight Loss:
Not many people are aware about the fact that can help losing weight at a very faster pace without any side effects. Obesity has become a global phenomenon which is causing more and more health complications. Two cups of Tulsi tea in a day will do magic. This tea helps boost your digestive system which is important for losing weight quickly.

Tulsi Prevents Premature Ageing:
If you want to look evergreen and radiant then make sure that you drink Tulsi tea every day. Vitamin C, vitamin A and other essential oils are found in Tulsi and these are used as excellent antioxidants that protect the body from premature ageing. Consuming two cups of Tulsi tea can help you look younger brighter and healthier by preventing premature ageing.
Tulsi to Quit Smoking:
Have you ever given a thought that smoking is silently pushing you towards the end? Tulsi might prove to be the savior if you really wish to quit smoking. Tulsi leaves help fight lungs cancer and prevents it from attacking you. The best way to stop smoking is by chewing some Tulsi leaves and this help get the nicotine content off your body. It can purify the blood. So if you feel like smoking then start chewing Tulsi leaves and drink Tulsi tea at least once in a day.