Dress to Impress: Tips for Making a Statement in the Office
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Dress to Impress: Tips for Making a Statement in the Office

Kindness comes from within, and it can be seen in people who have good manners.

Dress to Impress: Tips for Making a Statement in the Office

Did you know that the clothing you wear sends a message? According to research, the first impression of your personality, self-assurance, trustworthiness, and believability is created within milliseconds based on your outward appearance, including your clothing, grooming, body language, and manners. So, it's important to consider how you want to present yourself, especially if you want to project confidence and authority.

Here are some strategies for "power dressing" that can help you create a strong first impression:

Choose a personalized fit

Instead of buying off-the-rack or ready-made clothes, opt for tailored clothing that fits your body shape and size. High-quality materials and inner layers can also add to your strength.

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Choose colours that convey the message you want to send

Different colours have different meanings and can create a subconscious impression on the viewer. For example, navy blue is the colour of trust and integrity, while lighter pastel colours are more formal.

Use professional accessories

Dark suits like black, navy blue and charcoal grey are common in professional contexts, but adding a "statement piece" like a colourful tie, pocket square, or scarf can enhance your look. Match your belt and shoes for a polished appearance.

Check your body language

When entering a room or speaking to others, make sure to sit up straight, evenly distribute your weight, hold your chin parallel to the floor, and keep your hands at your sides. Gentle eye contact and a soft smile can help you connect with others.

Use good manners in the workplace

Respect others by using "sorry," "thank you," and "please" as needed. Communicate assertively but politely, and show appreciation for others.