Noida’s new Structural Audit Policy draws mixed reactions
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Noida’s new Structural Audit Policy draws mixed reactions

Occupancy certificate becomes mandatory for builders

Noida’s new Structural Audit Policy draws mixed reactions

Noida: The Noida authority has passed a new policy regarding the structural audit, making it mandatory for builders to seek occupancy certificates (OC) for all new and old delayed projects in the city. The policy is set to take effect from April 1st, 2023. Our team spoke to multiple AOA and RWA representatives from various sectors of Noida, and the response to the policy was mixed.

According to Satish Kumar, the Facility Manager of Prasvnath Residency, his society is currently undergoing renovations, and the AOA is taking care of it since the society is over 18 years old. He noted that the society already has a fully compliant certificate and does not require an OC certificate. He concluded that the policy was a positive move by the authority.

P.K. Sharma, the President of Gateway Apartment, stated that despite their society being over 20 years old with no damages, they will still apply for a structural audit for safety purposes. The AOA is prepared to pay for it, as it is a cooperative society. Sharma seemed pleased with the authority's decision.

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Rajesh Ji, the Secretary of Park View Society, informed us that they have already done a structural audit previously with IIT Delhi. He stated that he would inquire with the society members about whether they want to conduct another audit and apply for an OC, if necessary. Rajesh Ji also expressed that he found the authority's decision impressive and hoped that it would be implemented effectively.

Abhishek Ji, the President of NEFOWA, applauded the policy and said that it should have been implemented sooner, as they have been demanding it for the last 7-8 years. He emphasized the need for careful implementation, as some builders might provide fake structural certificates. Abhishek Ji also called for the authority to consider situations where an AOA is not formed, and who would pay for it in such cases.

Nibir Kaushik, the Secretary of Sethi Max Royal in Sector 76 Noida, acknowledged the policy's impact on older societies, as their residents will bear the cost, while newer societies constructed less than five years ago will have their SC fees paid by the builders. He welcomed the policy and stated that his society would also apply for a structural audit.

Mallikeshwar Jha, the President of Golf City Plot 8 AOA, said that his society was newly constructed, so he was unsure about whether they needed a structural audit. He added that if the society did not have a structural audit certificate, they would apply for it, as they are yet to receive an OC from the authority.