Sacred Navratri will strengthen the bonding of devotion and devotee
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Sacred Navratri will strengthen the bonding of devotion and devotee

Offering fruits and sweets to the Goddess is an important part of the Navratri puja

Sacred Navratri will strengthen the bonding of devotion and devotee

Navratri is the essence of our ancient spiritual and cultural heritage that has made us so distinctive. This is one of the most significant pious Hindu festivals in the country observed with greatest ever enthusiasm and in-depth dedication. This sacred festival is immensely popular due to our age old tradition that has a sense of determination. Goddess Durga who stands as an epitome of feminine power of the whole universe, is being worshipped during this festival.

Devotees prefer to get engaged in a variety of rituals during this puja and they truly enjoy their participation.  If you wish to take part in Navratri puja then there are a few things that must be arranged well in advance.

You will require the following essential things for Navratri Puja:

Idols or image of Goddess Durga

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For the puja, you need an image or idol of Goddess Durga. You can either purchase an idol from the market or make your own at home using clay or other materials. Make sure the platform is spotless and attractive before setting the idol or photo on it.


The most important thing you need for Navratri Puja is flowers to please the Goddess. You can use a variety of flowers, including lotus, marigold, rose, and jasmine. Use flowers to adorn the platform and the idol to create a lovely atmosphere.

Incense Sticks

An important item of the Navratri puja is the lighting of incense sticks. The smoke from incense sticks purifies the air and fosters positive energy. You can burn a variety of incense, including sandalwood, rose, jasmine, and lavender sticks.

Diya or Lamp

A diya or lamp is required to light up during puja. The lamp can be lit with ghee or oil. Lighting a diya is thought to attract good energy and drive away bad energy from the area.

Fruits and Sweets

The Navratri puja includes a significant portion of the goddess being presented with fruits and treats. You can provide desserts like laddoos, pedas, and barfis as well as fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges. Ensure that the offerings are kept hygienic and fresh.


During Navratri, offering a coconut to the goddess is thought to be lucky. As an offering, you are allowed to place a whole or split coconut on the floor. Also, people keep the Nariyala and Mata ki chunni in the house temple for 9 days of Navratri and at the end distribute coconut as Prasad on the last day of Navratri. 

Akshat or Rice

For the puja, you will require akshat or rice. You can use uncooked rice or akshat, which is rice mixed with turmeric powder. Offering akshat is thought to bring good fortune and wealth.

Red Cloth

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To cover the stage and the Goddess idol, you will need a red fabric. In Hinduism, the color red is regarded as auspicious and is associated with luck and optimism.

Puja Thali

A puja thali is required in order to do the Navratri puja. A puja thali is a plate that includes akshat, flowers, fruits, and a diya, among other things. You can utilize the puja thali, which you can adorn with flowers, to present the offerings to the Goddess.