Homemade fruit mask for refreshing and glowing skin
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Homemade fruit mask for refreshing and glowing skin

Fruits are very effective natural ingredients for your skin care

Homemade fruit mask for refreshing and glowing skin

Whenever it comes to your skin, there are a lot of products out there that promise to make it look beautiful and healthy. But not all of these products do what they say they will do. Some of them actually leave your skin dry and dull. If you're tired of trying out new beauty products on your skin, you can try some that are made from natural ingredients. Fruits are a great alternative to the costly beauty products that are available in stores.

Here are a few fruit face packs that will help your skin look healthy and refreshing:

Banana Face Pack

Credit: treehugger

Put pieces of a ripe banana in a bowl. Now, use a fork to make a smooth paste out of this banana. Honey and lemon juice should be added to the bowl. Blend well. Apply this on your face now. After a few minutes, rub this pack into your skin with your hands. Then use water to wash your face. Make sure you don't wash your face with soap after putting this pack on. Your face will have a beautiful glow.

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Orange Face Pack

Squeeze the orange to get some fresh orange juice and add it to the bowl. Now, add some besan and a few drops of rose water to the juice. Blend well. Put this on your face and wait for it to dry. Use water to clean it. This face pack cleans your skin from the inside out and keeps skin infections from happening.

Face Pack Strawberry

Take some strawberries and honey to make this face pack. Put chopped strawberries and honey in a bowl. Blend the two things together well. Now, spread this mixture all over your face. Move your hands in circles to start massaging. Use warm water to wash your face. You will get glowing skin instantly! Both strawberries and honey have wonderful properties that are good for your skin. They soften and smooth skin.

Papaya Face Pack

Credit: eMediHealth

Papaya can help you get beautiful skin if you use it with the right things. Put some papaya cubes in a bowl and mash them up. Mix together some flour and raw milk to make a smooth paste. Mix this together well, and then put it on your face. Massage well on your skin. Use cold water to clean. This face pack gives you deep nourishment and makes your skin clear.

Face Pack with Grapes and Kiwi

You need some grapes and a kiwi to make this face pack. Take the same amount of each fruit and mash it up well. You can also add some yogurt. Put this mask on your face and wait 20 minutes. Wash off, and your skin will look clean and new right away.