Roller Coasters to Fun Rides: Top International Amusement Parks to Visit
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Roller Coasters to Fun Rides: Top International Amusement Parks to Visit

Everland is the best amusement park and has five distinctive themes in South Korea

Roller Coasters to Fun Rides: Top International Amusement Parks to Visit

There are few things better than visiting the top amusement parks in the world if you're in the mood for an exciting adventure. These theme parks offer great experiences, with thrilling roller coasters, 3D rides, and unique themes. They're perfect for solo travelers as well as families looking for a fun vacation.

Here are some of the best amusement parks from around the world:

Efteling, Netherlands

Take a trip down memory lane at this unique Dutch amusement park based on fantastical themes. Enjoy the thrills of Efteling's most famous rides such as Pinocchio, the Flying Dutchman, the Polka Marine, and the Ravelin. The largest water display in all of Europe can be found at this amusement park and will leave you speechless. Visit Efteling in the Netherlands for a day of excitement.


Universal’s Islands of Adventure, United States

This Florida-based amusement park features numerous roller coasters and other themed areas. The park features exhibits based on beloved works of fiction, from Dr. Seuss to the Harry Potter books. The Jurassic Park VelociCoaster, Motorbike Adventure, and Forbidden Journey are just a few of the park's exciting rides. If you're a true Potterhead, you simply must visit Hogsmeade and sample some of that series' legendary butterbeer. India

Europa Park, Germany

The largest German adventure park features over a hundred rides and attractions spread over numerous themed zones. A visit to this park is like going on an adventure through space and fairy tales. Take a voyage through some scary attractions, magical realms, extreme water slides, and more! In addition, don't miss out on the thrills of The Silver Star, the park's most well-known attraction.

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Berjaya Times Square, Malaysia

It can be increasingly hard to decide which amusement park to visit with a big group of people who all want to have a good time. Not to worry though, as Berjaya Times Square is the superior option. The rides at this Malaysian amusement park range from those themed to botanical gardens to the legendary Supersonic Odyssey.


Everland, South Korea

South Korea's best amusement park has five distinctive themes—Zoo-Topia, Global Fair, Magic Land, and American and European Adventure—which are its main selling point. It is responsible for planning each year's springtime Tulip Festival in South Korea. Experience the excitement of rides like the T-express and the Ferris wheel decorated to reflect the festival's distinctive themes.


Shanghai Disneyland, China

Take the thrilling ride of a lifetime on the Tron-themed coaster. This theme park is a must-visit for any fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Mickey Mouse Avenue, Gardens of Imagination, Land of Fantasy, Treasure Cove, Isle Adventure, Tomorrowland, and Land of Toy Story are just some of the seven themed areas that will capture your imagination.