5 tips to help improve your vocabulary!
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5 tips to help improve your vocabulary!

We can't promise Tharoor-level vocab but these tips are quite useful

5 tips to help improve your vocabulary!

The English language, as known and commonly said, is a strange language. Sometimes one may not be able to find any logic to it. The language is a beautiful combination of metaphors, antonyms, synonyms, nouns, verbs et al. These words together make up our vocabulary. 

For bolstering your writing skills or narrating a good story, and even public speaking, a good vocabulary will always come handy. And since English is a voluminous language, you will never run out of words to learn.   

Here are 5 tips to help you build that vocabulary for a major show-off, or not:


Developing a reading habit and then continuing with it is the easiest and way to build your vocabulary. To read a word separately is one thing and to read and understand a word in context is different. Since reading is a one-person activity, you can do it at your pace and in your own time.

Attend events

It may be a little difficult to attend events right now due to the ongoing pandemic but even virtual events will do. Events like plays, exhibitions, readings, talk shows with writers, and debates is an easy way to build your vocabulary. Listening to new words helps the brain to retain them easily.

Play word games

Classic games like Scrabble can be a fun way to expand one's vocabulary. More than winning the game, one wins at learning new words. You must take down new words and try to use them whenever possible. Solving crossword puzzles is an interesting way too.

Use new words

Putting new words to use, especially while talking to someone, helps build one's vocabulary at a faster pace. When you use a word in a conversation, it becomes easy for the brain to remember it. This tip will also help you use your words correctly, more so in the right context.


Write, write and write. Record your day in a diary and try to use synonyms for every day words. Refer to a dictionary and a thesaurus. The more you write, the more you learn.

If there is a way to acquire the next Shashi Tharoor-like vocabulary, we must find it!