Possess an enviable glow during this summer by avoiding some mistakes
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Possess an enviable glow during this summer by avoiding some mistakes

A glowing skin possibly be yours during summer with little extra care

Possess an enviable glow during this summer by avoiding some mistakes

If you're getting ready for the summer which has arrived already then try to be little more cautious about your skincare. Many of us do not pay heed to our skin type and that result into lots of skin related troubles like eruptions, tanning, sunburn, dryness, itchy skin, rashes or uneven skin tone. Try to understand the nature of your skin; you need to find out whether it is prone to sun burn or itchiness or it receives dark patches and freckle if it gets exposed to the sun. You should also make sure the type of your skin, whether it is normal, or it is very dry, normal to dry or completely oily. So be careful about choosing the skin care products.
You just need to more precautious and follow some tips to avoid further problems:

Don't skip sunscreens

Sunscreen is important not only to protect you from the sun but also to help your skin heal after it has been damaged by the sun. You can choose natural product based sunscreens instead of chemical ones because they 
are less likely to make your skin red. To keep your face protected, you need to reapply sunscreen every two to three hours.

Avoid chemical peel

It will be better if you do not go for a chemical peel right before any event. You should get a chemical peel at least two to three weeks before it. If you wait until the last minute to get a chemical peel, it can make your skin dry and flaky. Also, if you don't watch out when you go out in the sun after the peel, you may get staining.

Don't add something new to your habit

You should not add new products or ingredients to your routine because you don't know how your skin will respond to those. These new products may work the way you want them to or make your skin worse. Most of the products or ingredients also need some time to work.

Don't use retinol

Retinol which is a form of vitamin A is normally used in skin care products and it has anti-ageing effect. Sometimes it can make your skin dry and red in colour and even cause it to peel. So, it should only be used if your whole body has been exposed to it. When you use retinol at night, you must wear good sunscreen during the day.