International No-Diet Day 2023: Influencers For Body Positivity
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International No-Diet Day 2023: Influencers For Body Positivity

Sakshi Sindwani is the flagbearer of body positivity and also a fashion influencer

International No-Diet Day 2023: Influencers For Body Positivity

The beauty standards set by the popular media and constant body shaming by society have made something as simple as self-love and self-acceptance a challenge for people. It has made people uncomfortable in their own skin and have a bad body image of themselves. This is where movements like body positivity step in, to make society more accepting of every body type.

On social media, there are several body positivity influencers working toward making society more inclusive. Here are a few influencers who can empower you to treat yourself with kindness.

Sakshi Sindwani

She is a regular Delhi girl from a Punjabi family, who is a leading fashion and beauty content creator. She is also the flagbearer of body positivity and an influencer who talks about the importance of self-love. Her positivity, cheerfulness and confidence have led her to great heights. She has also been on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine & Vogue. She also has a super successful youtube channel 'Style Me Up With Sakshi'. Learn to embrace yourself in your own skin from her. She has a following of 550K on Instagram.

Neha Parulkar


If you wanna get a dose of confidence in yourself, follow Neha Parulkar's mantra of never settling for less. She is one of the first plus-size models in India and the only plus-sized model to have walked the Lakme Fashion Week four times in a row. She has also been a TEDx speaker who believes that being a body-positive influencer gives her the courage to challenge societal standards of beauty. She has a following of 49.8k on Instagram.

Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar


She is a dancer, stylist, and voice-over artist who promotes body positivity. She believes in self-love and through her content, she encourages people to be more accepting of themselves. She has a following of 194K followers on Instagram.



She is one of the most popular body-positive influencers who is all about 'love your body. From her story of battling body shaming and then becoming a star on social media to now helping people to love themselves, she is truly an inspiration. She has a following of 39.5K on Instagram.

Aashna Bhagwani


She is a plus size fashion and beauty blogger who strongly believes in the fact that beauty comes in all sizes and you must learn to love your body.   She doesn’t shy away from calling out fatphobia as well as promotes a healthy body image. She is a content creator who often talks about body-image issues and much more. She has a following of 230K on Instagram.