Latest fashion trends Fashion and fun together
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Latest fashion trends Fashion and fun together

Choose a floral-print shirt or blouse with blue patterns and pair with plain blue flared pants

Latest fashion trends Fashion and fun together

The fashion world loves to experiment with colors, patterns and designs every time. The latest trend is very interesting and it is related with color-blocking and mixing prints. People who love to look fashionable can try out different colors and patterns in the same outfit, creating a look that is bold and appealing. Color blocking means putting together two or more basic colors, while mixing prints is all about putting together different patterns in one outfit.

If you try out latest trends, you should keep a good balance and don’t go for too many colors or designs. It's also important to think about the event and place while picking colors and prints.
Mixing patterns and blocks of color:

Follow some simple ways to join the fun trend of mixing and matching bright colors and patterns:

Floral vibes

Prints of flowers are always easy on the eyes. But when we're going for a flower top, we tend to keep things quiet. But you can still be bold and beautiful by putting together a florid print with bright bottoms. Keep the same color scheme, so if you choose a floral-print shirt or blouse with blue patterns, wear plain blue flared pants with it.

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Boho is must

Boho chic is the newest and coolest way to stay on top of fashion. The whole point of boho style is to feel at ease and comfortable. When it comes to Bohemian style, you can play with a lot of colors and patterns, from pants to printed tops to maxi skirts. Wear a printed, skirt with simple shapes or stripes and a tank top or vest in a plain color. You can also go for the full Boho look with a floral-printed long dress and a colorful flower crown.

Let's Co-ord

Co-ord sets are not only in style, but they also look very elegant. With a co-ord jumpsuit, it's easy to mix prints. Make sure you use the same palette of colors and make the prints interesting. Some great color choices to try are poppy orange and pink, tangerine yellow and cobalt blue, and mauve and neon green. To stand out from the crowd, wear a few trinkets and shoes, and bags in neutral colors.

Just for fun

Animal prints are here to stay, and adding just the right amount of glam to them takes your outfit to the next level. Wear a crop top with animal prints and brightly colored flared pants or ruffled skirts. For a more casual look, you can pair a polka-dotted dress with an animal-print jacket or kimono.